10 NYC Intern Must-Haves

NYC Intern Must-Haves
It’s officially MOVING MONTH, and that means PLANNING! I don’t make the move until May 19th, but I’m starting to think about clothes and food and housing and finding a job and everything that is going to come with an incredible summer in the city! I’m going to make it my goal to post daily, although I’m technically only an intern three days a week.

The other two days I’ll be taking a Hyperlocal Newsroom Journalism Class at NYU. We’ll be spending six weeks reporting for the The Local East Village (An NYU/New York Times Collaboration). So not only will I have experience with big-time, national level news at Food Network Magazine, but I’ll also have local journalism experience (making, reporting and editing my own stories). And if my writing is good enough, I may just be published in the NY Times itself by the end of the semester. Boy, would that make for a good blog post. Who knows.. it could happen, right?

In the spirit of planning, here are my 10 internship must-haves (some of which I still need to find on a strict pre-internship budget).
1) A Statement Dress. I’ve decided my ‘statement’ this summer will be polka dots. You’ll be seeing a lot of them.
2) A Killer Black Pencil Skirt and Fitted Blazer. Nothing says professional like this classic combo.
3) A BIG Tote Bag. Who know what I’ll need to carry, but I assume I’ll need the space. Apparently in the summer, the bag is everything.
4) My Smartphone, Fully-Charged. Kind of a no-brainer.
5) Simple Nude Pumps. They go with everything and look very clean and put together. I can wear them all summer long!
6) A Pair of Comfy Flats. For when my feet inevitably get tired of the heels. The awful part about having size 11 feet… heels hurt, a lot.
7) Touch-Up Makeup. A case that I can easily throw in the tote for work since I’ll be working long 9-5 days.
8) A Cross-Body Bag. For when the tote is too bulky and I need something a little more sophisticated.
9) A Big Coffee Tumbler. Long days=lots of coffee. Might as well be Earth-friendly!
10) A Planner/Notebook Combo. I will undoubtedly have a lot to write down and a lot of events and meetings to keep track of. Nothing will work better than old-fashioned pen and paper. You can’t rely on technology for everything!

Have any other recommendations for me? I’m excited to get started and I thank all of you for your love and support. I couldn’t do it without you.

—Meg Taylor


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