Countdown… 2 Days. Packing Up!

I can’t believe that I only have one full day left at home. Then… my world may potentially change forever. Okay a bit dramatic, but I’ve heard that NYC changes people. I guess we’ll find out. 🙂

I’m getting really excited…and overwhelmingly nervous. I don’t think it will really hit me until I actually get to the city, but the thought of starting my internship this coming Monday is really starting to freak me out! Here’s a little packing update… I forget how much time and energy packing takes, especially when you have to do it multiple times in one summer. This is the summer of change, I keep telling myself. It’ll all be worth it.

 It took me around 2 hours to pull everything off my hangers to decide whether or not I was going to pack it. I always over-pack… and this time is no exception. In total, I think I’ll have three medium-sized suitcases of clothes and a bin full of shoes. No judgements please—I’m going for a twelve-week magazine internship—I think I’m allowed clothing options, right? It will be nice to actually have a closet again, though. I’ve been living out of the basement storage closet on a collapsible clothing rack since school ended.

I’m kind of excited to pack/unpack my new kitchen supplies. I stopped at Costco to buy a few essentials in bulk since I’ll have my own kitchen and won’t have a meal plan. My breakfast (and maybe even lunch and dinner) will consist of Quaker Oatmeal, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Honey Nut Cheerios and loads of coffee. An Insider Secret… We actually got a lot of my utensils and baking supplies from the dollar store. The whole bin below was probably around $25 total! I also found kitchen towels, managed to score a few old pots and pans from family members, and started stocking up on cleaning supplies. I love getting ready for my first real apartment in the city! 🙂

I’ll be blogging on the road Saturday afternoon, so keep an eye out for updates. I’m excited to take you along with me on this exciting journey!

—Meg Taylor

One thought on “Countdown… 2 Days. Packing Up!

  1. Oh my! An internship in New York, that sounds really exciting! Hmm. It looks like you did the packing with an ease. It is a good habit to list everything you packed and to which boxes they belong. In that way, it would be easier for you to unpack everything without confusion. Good luck on your internship!

    Ericka Muldowney


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