Day 1- On The Road!

We’re about 35 miles away from NYC! 

*Cue panic and extreme excitement*

Currently, we’re camped out at a Hampton Inn in Denville, NJ for the night. We left my house in Grand Rapids around 8 am this morning, took a short detour in Ann Arbor to drop off a few things at my apartment and to say hi to my roommates, and then we made our way through Ohio and Pennsylvania for the rest of the day!

I got a little excited when we passed our first sign getting on I-80 🙂 It was a beautiful day today, clear blue skies, no traffic, and barely any cars on the road! Around 12:45 on the Ohio Turnpike, we decided to break for lunch. It was a huge rest stop with a food court and convenience shopping and an express Panera (so cool!). I convinced my dad that Panera Bread was a nice option for on-the-go eating… I got my usual Strawberry Poppyseed Salad and Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup. Such a great, summery lunch. The rest stop kind of looked like a space station, so I decided to take a picture.

Then we hit the road and spent most of the day driving through Pennsylvania. I’ve never been there before, and was quite taken aback by how many hills (my dad called them mountains) there were! My ears were even popping as we went up and down in altitude. At about 5 miles to the New Jersey border (and about 45 min to our hotel), we decided to break for dinner when we saw a nice Chili’s Grill and Bar calling our names. We snacked on chips and queso and I ordered a Caribbean salad with shrimp for dinner. It was yummy with pineapple on the side!

Time for BED. We mapped out our day tomorrow, and we’re ready to hit the sheets early to get ready for the BIG day. We’ll most likely leave the hotel around 6:30 am so we’re in the city around 7:30! 🙂

Check back tomorrow night for an EXCITING update!
Here we GO!!!

—Meg Taylor

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