A Lost Puppy Loving Life

Wow. What a day.

I think I’m just now catching my breath. I haven’t even had time to edit my photos until now—but I’ve got a lot of them for you!

My dad and I drove into the city about 6:30 am this morning and got into Manhattan around 7:30. We thought we’d give ourselves plenty of time to get oriented, knowing we’d get lost at some point… good thing 🙂 We checked into my new HOME around 9:00 am and after about an hour of lugging stuff up the elevators in a big crate, I dumped all my stuff and my dad and I went to find my NYU Student ID card so I can actually get into my building.

Moving into an apartment in NYC has to be about the most challenging thing I’ve ever accomplished… especially keeping watch over it from the car while homeless men kept eye-ing it as they walked by. 

Then, after a quick change, it was time to HIT THE CITY (I decided I’d unpack later). We started by walking to my subway station that I’ll take to work TOMORROW MORNING, and getting off about a block from the Hearst Tower (my workplace!). I thought I’d fall to the sidewalk the building is so pretty. Don’t I look like I belong? I’d like to think so 🙂

We even got to peek inside because the side doors were open 🙂 To think that I’ll be walking up those steps tomorrow morning…. It gives me chills.

We made our way over to Central Park (which is literally a block from where I’ll be working) and then walked up through the Upper West Side for a while. I stopped in a Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft along the way, and found an adorable black polka dot dress on sale for pretty cheap! I thought I’d treat myself on the first day in the city.

We were both famished along our walk, so we found a PJ Clarke’s right across the street from the NYC Ballet (can you say gorgeous?). It was only 11:45, although it felt like 3 or 4 in the afternoon since we’d already done so much that morning. The view was incredible, the restaurant was awesome, and the cinnamon french toast with strawberries I ordered was to-die-for. I had no problem licking my plate clean. My dad, on the other-hand, only finished half his sandwich. 😉

After lunch, we made our way to a Starbucks on the Upper West Side for a failed attempt at an interview (more details to come), and then we made our way back to the apartment! We got a little confused in the subway tunnel…apparently certain trains don’t run on Sundays and we didn’t know which way was N/S… But we did end up making it back (sort of) in the right direction, after having to walk a ways back to the building. My dad was such a good sport, I give him tons of bonus points for putting up with me today and this entire weekend. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him. He was even willing to sit in the car while I did a little grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. The line was so long that it wrapped around the entire store and they had people directing where to stand. I ended up shopping while I was in line the whole time!

I came back to the apartment, unpacked and put groceries away, and made a headboard display for a little ‘home sweet home’ decor. What do you think of the apartment so far?

 Our view is pretty incredible. I get to wake up to this every day… awesome 🙂

I think I’m turning in EARLY tonight! I’m exhausted and so ready for bed—although I don’t know if I am quite ready for my first day of work at Food Network Magazine tomorrow in the AM. Here goes nothing… Part 2. I’m sure I’ll have another long post for you tomorrow after work.

Until then… zzzzzz.

—Meg Taylor

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