Tackling the First Day- The Intern Closet Myth

And I thought yesterday was tough… today I had to navigate the subway/city without my dad, make it through a full day (9:30 am-5 pm) at the office, and then come home to make my own dinner! Whew! Is it time to catch my breath yet?

I started the day nice and early (before any of my other roommates had gotten up yet) and got dressed in the ensemble I picked out last night. I chose to stay very conservative and business-friendly with a knee-length pencil skirt and black & cream striped cardigan. I picked out a shiny, black statement necklace and wore classic black pumps to complete the outfit.

It would have been an awesome selection… had it not been pouring on the way to work. The rain wasn’t too bad on my way to the subway from my apartment, but when I got off near my office on 57th, it was coming down hard! It didn’t help that I got a little turned around coming out of the subway and ended up walking the wrong direction for a few blocks before I realized I was going south instead of north. I’m just going to rely on the excuse that big buildings make you disoriented. 🙂

My favorite part of the day was probably watching people come into the Hearst Tower and react to the rain. I LOVED seeing all the young women in their cute outfits and professional attire. It made me wish so bad that I could just skip the next few years and be one of them… but as my mom says, be patient—”your time will come.” I was super jealous of the people who got dropped off right at the front door though. If only…

My supervisor (who I absolutely adore!) picked me up in the lobby with my visitor pass right around 9:30 am and lead me up the famous escalators. We stopped at the elevator bank, where an attendant pushed a button and directed us to the right elevator. So cool. When we got up to the floor, I was walked around the Marketing/Advertising side of the office (opposite the editorial side). I got to look out the floor-ceiling windows onto Central Park, and I was introduced to a bunch of very important people in a short amount of time. I hope I can remember some of their names…I even got to shake hands with the Publisher! I saw the Editor-In-Chief, Maile Carpenter, going up the escalator as I was waiting in the lobby, and I also saw her sitting quietly at her desk in her ginormous office for most of the day. Dreams. Dreams. Dreams.

I started the day by looking through a bunch of marketing materials to get a feel for what I’d be getting myself into all summer. Around noon, I went downstairs with my supervisor to get my official intern badge so I can get into the building like a real employee! It’ll be so cool walking in there tomorrow and not having to stop at security.

I then started my first real task—tackling the marketing closet. Apparently, the myth stands… every intern really does have her closet. 🙂 I unloaded tons of boxes full of aprons, cookbooks, t-shirts and tote bags, and organized the entire closet so that the room was walkable again. That took me until about 3 pm (with a small break for lunch). I got to keep a little ‘party favor’ when I finished (a cover photo made of chocolate). Upon leaving for lunch, I couldn’t figure out how to open the big glass office door (my supervisor did it earlier), and then had to politely ask, only to find out that I had to push a button on the wall first. I hate feeling so helpless… haha. I found out that everyone just kind of leaves the office as they please for lunch, so I went down to explore the incredible cafeteria they have right in the building. I didn’t bring any cash, so I just ate what I packed with me for the day, but most people cash out and bring their lunch back to their desk anyway. I enjoyed a few minutes catching up on texts/emails.

After I was done with the intern closet, I had to bring all the empty boxes to the ‘service room’ on the end of the office stretch. Mistakenly, I let the door close behind me as I was piling the boxes into the service crate. Minor mishap- I was stuck in the service entrance without my badge to let me back in. I had to knock/bang on the door for a few minutes before someone let me back in… the door was actually pretty far from the cubicles so I was nervous no one would hear me. Can you say embarrassing? I guess everyone has a slip-up on the first day, right?

After I escaped, it was time for task #2! Another member of the marketing team needed my help brainstorming for a mailing they are sending to a client along with a product featured in our latest issue. It was supposed to tie the brand, the product and the magazine together and be visually appealing. I worked on it for about a half an hour and sent her three of my ideas. It was supposed to look something like a gift tag to attach to the gift so we can land the client. She emailed me back in a few minutes and told me that she really liked it, and that she was going to pass it along to the Sales Rep in Chicago! I was absolutely ecstatic. She liked/was using my ideas and design on the first day!!!! That being my last assignment for the day was my cue to head home.

I made it home on the subway okay, I even learned the difference between the express and local trains and learned how to transfer lines! Baby steps… I got home and threw a burger on the stove, ate quickly and then called my parents to catch them up on the day. After, I decided to explore 23rd st a little more (there are a TON of really cute, healthy cafes and organic markets on my street!) and treat myself to a free Starbucks. Doesn’t the fog on the clock tower look creepy? I think it was from all the rain earlier. I then stumbled upon the ‘Mad Square Eats’ (Madison Square) mini food trucks/village set up a few blocks from my apartment. I was super bummed I had already eaten—there were so many awesome, cheap options from the little carts (mexican, crepes, burgers, ‘homemade meatballs,’ and so much more).

Tomorrow is a big day too, with a lot of updates! I was invited to a meeting/presentation with the ENTIRE HEARST CORP. I’m sure I will learn a lot and feel pretty professional. After lunch, I start my first day of Hyperlocal Newsroom Class at NYU—so I’m sure I’ll have lots to talk/write about.

Let’s pray it doesn’t rain again tomorrow!

—Meg Taylor

2 thoughts on “Tackling the First Day- The Intern Closet Myth

  1. Eeee! Ah I cannot tell you how exciting this all is! I am living vicariously through you!!! It sounds like your first day was so much fun and I'm looking forward to following you through the blog! I admire you so much, Meags – you've wanted to be a journalist for so long and it's amazing to me that it's happening before my eyes!

    Love, KLC.
    PS Cute outfit


  2. Words cannot express how excited I am for you! It seems like just the other day we were on our first coffee date and I learned about your involvement in journalism and communications. So proud of you for chasing your dreams, and I cannot wait to see you in the city!


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