Walking in Circles

I survived Day 3! 🙂

The rain has stopped… finally. After waking up early today, I successfully made it to work at the Tower this morning without any mishaps! Victory #1! I had to get there early (around 8:30 am) for a large corporate meeting. How do you like my outfit for day 2 at the office?

Naturally, I got up into midtown about half an hour early so I walked into Balducci’s Bakery before I made my way into the Hearst Tower. It’s an INCREDIBLE gourmet bakery and bistro/cafe and it’s actually connected to the building itself. I walked into the store and my mouth started watering almost instantly. Too bad I can’t afford to eat there every morning… maybe when I’m actually making money I’ll be able to stop in for morning croissants. For now, I’m settling for cereal and Quaker Oatmeal 🙂

After a little daydreaming, I made my way into the Tower—I got to walk right in with my Intern Pass and wave it on the card reader like all the real employees! SO exciting 🙂 I went up to our office on the 35th floor and delivered my intro cards to all the staff mailboxes. The cards were to make sure everyone knows my name/face and has all of my contact info. You never know when someone may need an entry-level assistant at some point… I even got a compliment from a big-time sales rep when she came down for the staff meeting. She told me she was impressed by how cute and professional it was!

I was also one of the first people downstairs in the Hearst Theater for the big meeting… surprise, surprise. I think I just need to be okay with the fact that everyone here is always RIGHT on time or late. That’s just the NYC way of life, I guess. That may take a little getting used to. I got to sit with all of the Food Network Magazine Sales Reps and Marketing Team Members for the meeting (I felt like part of the ‘group’ which was a success in and of itself). I learned so much about integrated marketing from the meeting and I felt like I actually understood most of what they were talking about which was awesome! We even got free ‘favors’ at the end of the meeting 🙂

I left after the meeting ended and made my way back on the subway to my apartment for a light lunch. I decided to leave a little early from my apartment to walk about 15 blocks to my class. It seems like a lot, but it only took me about 15 minutes. I wanted to become more acquainted with my street and some of the restaurants/coffee shops near me, so I didn’t mind the walk. It was a nice time to enjoy the mild sunshine and snap a few photos of the neighborhood.

The first day of class was kind of a whirlwind, there are about 20 students from all over the country enrolled. About half of them are NYU students who are also a bit ahead of the game because they’re familiar with the city and basic journalism skills. We don’t have any tailored journalism classes at U of M, so although I write a lot, I have missed out on some of the more job-specific skills. The prof split the class in half, and most of the NYC locals went out to do research for their first stories while the rest of us explored how to write effective leads and opening paragraphs. I’m not too worried about writing good stories, I’m more worried about knowing where to look for them and becoming familiar with the neighborhood. I’m planning to spend a large chunk of my free day tomorrow as well as the long weekend walking around the East Village where we will be reporting. Feel free to stop by our class blog, where we’ll be posting stories about happenings in our neighborhood—it should be pretty cool and you’ll get to read more of my original work!

For my profile, head here—http://2012.nyuvillagebeat.org/meet-the-team

After class ended around 5, I decided to spend a few hours wandering the lower east side and Washington Square. I can’t believe how many awesome restaurants and coffee shops there are—they just seem to pop up everywhere! I even found a B & N… so now I know that I can go somewhere for my book/magazine fix.

I walked A LOT today! I’m super tired and ready for a movie in bed—although I’ll probably be up on the computer for a while. Tomorrow I don’t have anything scheduled as of now, so I get to sleep in a little and maybe make myself a few blueberry pancakes. I do have something really exciting planned in the next few days, so stay tuned as life in the city continues to get more interesting!

—Meg Taylor

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