Food Network Studios, Chelsea Market and a Museum Tour


I have yet to catch my breath. Today was another INCREDIBLE day. Remember that exciting news I was getting ready to tell you about? Well, it happened today! I was invited on a real TV set this morning! I started the day with my morning coffee and cereal, and then got dressed in what I deemed ‘comfy, casual and sophisticated’ all in one.

I then waked to Chelsea Market (on the West Side) which is a little under 2 miles from my apartment. It was a nice morning walk, the sun was shining, and I didn’t mind the distance at all. It was nice to be out in the morning and not rushed… that and I still haven’t figured out the E-W bus system yet. I am making progress on the N-S subway lines, however! The Chelsea Market is probably my FAVORITE place I’ve been in NYC so far—granted, it’s not even been a week yet, but it was still so cool! I may just have been a little over-excited about what I was doing there though too.

Isn’t the market just adorable? There were so many cute little bakeries, a fish market, fresh fruit/veggies, designer clothes for cheap (warehouse sales), and an Anthropologie. So much goodness all in one place. I’ll definitely be going back. And I’ll be taking you with me Mal 🙂

At around 11 am, it was time for what I never thought I’d get to do. I got to take the elevator behind Chelsea Market to the Food Network Studios where Melissa d’Arabian of Ten Dollar Dinners (and a previous Food Network Star) was shooting her new season! She is an Alpha Chi Omega Alum and an avid reader of FN Mag, so she was thrilled to let me come by for a set visit. I ended up hanging around for a few hours while she shot several takes. It was so interesting and unlike anything I have ever seen before! They had to shoot the same segment multiple times, so that they could get footage from multiple angles (which means Melissa had to remember exactly how she did/said everything the second time around). Sounds WAY too challenging for me. But she’s a pro, so naturally she was great. She then invited me on set during a break, where we got to snap a few photos and I got to take a quick peek around the set. This had to have been my FAVORITE part of the visit.

On my way out, I took a small peek inside some of the other studios and managed to run into the Food Network Kitchens where they test/develop new recipes for the shows and cookbooks (and where Bobby Flay shoots his segments for Throwdown). I also made good friends with some of the set assistants (who told me all about how they clean the Iron Chef set after the contestants skin and chop up fresh fish) and with the security guard at the front door. Hmmmm… maybe I’ll re-think this whole magazine thing… just kidding 🙂

After I left the studios and the market, I made my way to the Lower East Side for a tour of the Tenement Museum. We had to go there for a class assignment and write a story with our own unique angle. We also had to take pictures of our tour guide, which was sufficiently awkward to say the least. The tour profiled an Irish immigrant family who lived in the tenement building in the late 1800s after they escaped the Potato Famine back in Ireland. It was truly devastating to hear about how awfully the immigrants were treated and how poor the living conditions were. The tour actually took place in the apartment building and is still preserved in the life-like condition from back when the family lived there.

On a more positive note, I met an awesome girl named Colleen as we were riding the subway to the museum (she’s in the class not just some stranger, so don’t worry). We grabbed Starbucks together before the tour and had fun chatting about life and internships and job hunting. She’s moving to the city this coming fall and is pursuing a career in broadcast. She had awesome stories about her time in the city as an intern and inspired me a little bit 🙂

After the tour, I made my way back to the apartment, made dinner for myself (veggie burger salad), and started my first class assignment. It’s not due until Sunday, but the professor said that it was best to write the article while the material is fresh in our minds.

Tomorrow is a big day too! I have work at the Hearst Tower in the morning and then class later in the afternoon. I’ll be tweeting a little bit for Food Network Magazine, so make sure you’re following @FoodNetMagPromo if you’re not already and you’ll be able to see me at work!

—Meg Taylor

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