Rain, Rain Go Away

So it’s been raining almost non-stop since I got here … not that I’m letting it ruin my time in the city, it just makes it a tad more difficult and complicated to get around. On the positive side, I’m learning all the quickest ways possible and shortcuts to the subway stops— I guess that’s a plus.

Today was a LONG day! I woke up around 7 am and got dressed for work at 9. As usual, I went with more neutral colors, a black sweater and black flats. I’m excited to start wearing more colors and fun patterns next week—I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable in the building and office.

This morning at work went by so fast! I got there and relaxed a while before my supervisor came in to give me some instructions and introduce a few long-term projects 🙂 Everyone just kind of wanders into the office at their own leisure… I guess I’m kind of surprised that some don’t really show up and start working until around 10 am! I’m always one of the first there. Does that surprise you? I was early this morning, even though my train had a small delay and took a little bit longer than usual.

My first projects sound like so much fun— I’m researching hot new restaurants in the NYC area for an updated version of the Food Network Dining and Drinking Guide. Pretty useful considering I want to explore new restaurants myself. I’m also in charge of tweeting for @foodnetmagpromo for our new marketing client!

Something exciting also happened today! I got several more compliments on my intro cards (people seem to be impressed) and the sales rep from Chicago chose my mailer proposal and all of my original text to complete a project for a client they are pursuing. I printed it out to put in my portfolio—my first ‘marketing’ product I created by myself! (With the help of graphic design pros).

I left work around noon, and made the AWFUL trek back to the subway and my apartment through puddles and pouring rain. This was the kind of rain where having an umbrella made absolutely no difference at all. Good thing I was going home from work and not going there! Once I got home, I had a quick lunch break and then made my way to class.

I decided to get a little more creative this afternoon and was going to try the bus to get down 10 blocks to class—but it ended up failing miserably when I missed it and another one wasn’t coming soon enough for me to get there in time. So then I had to RUN to the closest subway stop and hop on a train I’ve never been on. I barely made it to class, I was drenched, and I was still in my flats (I forgot my rain boots at home). I think I’m going to be permanently pruned for a while.

Class was great today! We started to learn more about the multimedia ‘video broadcast’ aspect of the class. Our first assignment is to go somewhere and shoot both video and still footage. Anywhere we want. Anything we want to film. I guess that will be my project for this weekend! We got to explore the NYU broadcast stage and the Center for Journalism a little more too towards the end of class. Very cool 🙂

After class, I spent about 2 1/2 hours ducking in and out of stores on my way home. The rain didn’t stop. In fact, it got worse. It was coming down in buckets while I was inside Whole Foods in Union Square. It’s probably the coolest Whole Foods I’ve ever been in—three floors and SO much yummy food and local goodies 🙂 I got a roasted veggie burrito from the cooler for dinner and ate while I watched the rain and all the people scatter from the park.

I’m finally home now, resting my feet, warming up with a cup of coffee and about to settle in with a movie! I was going to go the The Today Show Concert Series early tomorrow morning… but it’s supposed to rain again so a friend and I decided we are going to spend the morning at The MET instead! Hello, Gossip Girl!

— Meg Taylor

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