Touring The Met and Greenwich Village

Just a little forewarning… this post is going to be heavy on the photos!

I woke up this morning excited to find out that it wasn’t raining, although the fog was still pretty heavy and there was a ‘white haze’ outside the window that made it hard to see more than a few streets. I was also bummed, because had I known it wouldn’t be raining, I probably would have gone to the Today Show Concert. Oh well, next time. Regardless, I was excited to meet up with a friend to go to The Met this morning! I’ve never been there and was up for a little quiet time and culture. I also happened to LOVE the Upper East Side that I explored a little bit on my walk there.

The museum was awesome. I even got a picture on the coveted ‘steps.’ Too bad I didn’t bring my yogurt along with me in the morning 😉 They had a new ‘Prada’ exhibit that took my breath away—a lot of original collection pieces and taped interviews, jewelry and shoes. SO COOL!

We left The Met, walked around for a while and settled on brunch at a diner called ‘Eat Here Now.’ Funny, huh? I ordered the blueberry pancakes, and they were to-die-for. I feel like you can never go wrong with pancakes. We then stopped in a few stores on our way to the subway … pretty much my dream wardrobe to say the least.

After the Upper East Side, my friend wanted to take me to the Lower East Side near Greenwich Village and the Hudson River. I can’t even explain in words how stunningly beautiful that part of the island is. The little townhouses and Parisian-style restaurants were absolutely exquisite. There were even mini-sized homes with their own little lawns—on Manhattan! They also probably run for over 50 mil … so I’ll keep working hard until I get there I guess? We also stopped at a Pier on the Hudson River where we could see the Statue of Liberty and the east side of New Jersey, and sat in the grass for a while catching some rays 🙂

After the Lower West Side, we wandered back to Union Square, where the Farmer’s Market is set up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There were so many food trucks, veggie stands, freshly baked breads, a variety of exotic cheeses and beautiful flowers and plants. I’ll definitely be going back there next week.

Whew! My feet are feeling the long walk today. My roommate and I decided to lay low tonight and bake banana bread (seen here as muffins although we did make a large loaf as well). The apartment smells awesome! 🙂 Hopefully the carbs will help me sleep well tonight—I’m exhausted!

What’s on the agenda for tomorrow? I’ll probably head over to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping, and then I’ll head out on my first video shoot. Where am I going? I have no idea. What am I going to shoot? I have no idea. Sounds like fun and more time for exploring!

—Meg Taylor

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