A Run to Whole Foods, a Trip to Battery Park, and a Ferry to Governor’s Island

Can we make it an entire day without it raining? 
Apparently not.
It’s okay though… I got a lot done today and got to see a lot as well, so I kind of appreciated the ‘cool’ that comes with the rain. It gets HOT in the city real fast!

Is it funny that I get super excited now whenever I see Food Net Mag in public? I also encountered some INCREDIBLE chalk art on my morning walk.

I woke up this morning with a plan to visit Whole Foods. It’s kind of strange that it’s one of the cheaper places to get groceries here. There really aren’t many grocery stores—just a ton of convenience stores with expensive food! I guess it’s kind of reflective of the NYC-lifestyle. People are obsessed with organic food and staying in shape here, so I guess it’s good that I’m shopping there and walking everywhere! I bought a bunch of yummy fruit (on sale, surprisingly), stuff to make homemade pizzas, frozen spinach ravioli, veggie burgers and lots of yogurt. 🙂

I was confused at first as to why there seems to be a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s on every corner, until I made the trek 10 blocks back to my apartment and wished there was one right around my corner. Okay, I understand now.

After I unpacked my groceries and had a quick lunch (and a little more banana bread from last night), I decided to make the trek down to the southern tip of Manhattan to explore Battery Park. It was super busy down there this afternoon, probably because the weather was finally decent and because it is Memorial Day Weekend (otherwise known as ‘Fleet Week’).

I also decided to take the FREE ferry to Governor’s Island after I was done walking through the park. It was a short trip, but it turned out to be an awesome opportunity for photos of the NYC skyline. Isn’t it just beautiful?

Governor’s Island was pretty cool… I didn’t really understand all there was to do there, although there was a band playing and a ‘picnic festival’ where you could pretty much buy picnic baskets full of food to sit on the green and enjoy the afternoon. I have to say, it was refreshing to see green again. The houses were pretty and the historic fort was cool to look at, but I noticed the dark clouds later in the afternoon and knew that I wanted to beat most of the people remaining on the island back to Manhattan. I got stuck in the rain a few days ago… and it was NOT fun.

Luckily, I made it home with plenty of time and then about an hour later it started pouring! I think I’m starting to acquire NYC-instincts 🙂 Tomorrow I’m off to church somewhere near Times Square (weird, but should be fun) and then I have to head out on my video shoot for class. I re-scheduled it for tomorrow because I have to buy an SD card and the camera store was closed today. Until tomorrow!

—Meg Taylor

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