Church in Times Square and Free Music in The Lower East Village

What a Sunday it was!

I woke up early this morning – our shades in the bedroom are sub-par to say the least and they are facing East so we get to see the lovely sunrise bright and early every morning! Good thing I’m a morning person … After catching up on email/Facebook, I left for church around 10 am. I decided that over the next few weeks I’ll try several different churches, regardless of how much I like each one. I want to get a taste of what’s out there! This one was called C3 Church Manhattan, and it was about a block from Times Square in the Times Center next to the New York Times Building. I got there early, because believe it or not, I hadn’t been to Times Square yet since I’ve been here! I wandered around a little, did some morning shopping, stopped at Starbucks and hid out in Dean & Deluca (it smells like heaven in there all the time) until church at 11 am.

Pros of this church:
AWESOME worship music. Always a plus.
Great people, they all seemed really friendly.
A lot of young people/couples.
The pastor was Australian.. which is cool regardless of what he is actually saying.
Awesome location and auditorium … comfy chairs, too. 🙂

Things I didn’t get out of it:
The message was ok, didn’t really captivate me all that much.
The congregation is pretty small, I think it’s a relatively new church.
A lot of ‘audience participation’ during the message—kind of strange for me.

Overall, it was a great morning and I’m glad that I went! Stay tuned to see where I choose next week. 🙂

After I got home from church, (Oh, did I mention that I helped someone with the subway?! YES, ME!) I made my way towards the East Village. I hadn’t really explored it all that much and considering it’s where we will be doing a lot of our reporting, I figured I should. It was super interesting—unlike anything I’ve seen so far. It’s so funny how the different areas of Manhattan are all so spectacularly different! There were a ton of crazy people in the park when I walked by … which led to some pretty decent footage for my video broadcast. Aside from the Farmer’s Market in the park, there was also a concert going on as well. I’ll just say that the band was extremely loud and the audience members were really getting into it. I mean really getting into it.

After I got my footage, I wandered back over to Union Square area and in/out of a few stores because it seems like everyone has ‘huge’ Memorial Day sales going on. Some highlights were: J. Crew, Anthropologie, 2 different Ann Taylor Lofts, Kate Spade, Banana Republic, Free People and Forever 21. I didn’t buy anything because nothing really caught my eye — and I’m trying to save money — but I did end up coming home and looking for a rain jacket online. Thankfully, the rain held off for today!

What’s up next? Food Network Star is on tonight, so I’m all settled in. Tomorrow, I’m having lunch with a friend who just moved into town and we’ll probably end up walking somewhere new!

—Meg Taylor

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