Long Walks to Rockefeller, Through Chelsea and on The Highline

I never thought I’d be saying this… but I kind of miss work! It’s been a great long weekend (I have been out of work/class since Thursday night), but I kind of miss the routine and I really enjoy being in the office. Good thing I go back tomorrow with a half day of work and half of class!

Today was another great one… seems impossible not to be here. The weather was HOT β€” I think it hit the 90’s for most of the day. This morning I got up early and started walking up 3rd Avenue until I hit Midtown. I passed a few really cute brunch places on my way (note to self: check out their pancake selection sometime!) and I wasn’t really aware of how far I’d walked until I looked up and saw that I was at 52nd street! I stopped at Grand Central Station and was truly impressed by how pretty the main terminal is.

Then I made my way to Rockefeller Center, where I saw them cleaning up from the Summer Concert Series this morning (I should have gone!). I wandered around the plaza until the stores opened at ten and found myself in J. Crew, Anthropologie and Banana Republic (again) scoping out the Memorial Day Sales. I found an adorable silk summer scarf from Banana for only $11 (originally $52). I’ve found that a scarf can instantly upgrade a boring outfit… so I treated myself. πŸ™‚

I made my way back to the apartment before I met a friend in Madison Square at noon for lunch. I bought a pretzel because my stomach seemed a little upset and I wasn’t too hungry. It was a great gourmet pretzel though!

After lunch, we made our way through Chelsea to The Highline on the West Side. We also got to meet another one of my friends there as well. It’s a super cool, modern green area and park on the top of an old above-ground railroad track. It runs for over a mile through the city, parallel to the river, and offers a few great street-top views! There’s also a food court and popsicle stand for walkers who get hungry. I really started to feel the heat there, so we decided to make our way to the Pier on the Hudson River. There was a little ocean breeze and we found a nice spot in the shade under a tree for a while.

Β I have to say … it’s nice to start hanging with friends here πŸ™‚

After we were there for a while, I realized that I wasn’t feeling too good. It was probably the intense heat, but my stomach just couldn’t handle being out there for much longer. We made the trek back to the Subway, and I found myself cashed out for a little while on my bed once I got back. I woke up and made some soup, hoping it would calm my stomach a little bit.

Now I’m just resting and waiting for The Bachelorette to start! I walk A LOT during the day, so I’m ready to kick back most nights and take it easy. See you tomorrow!

—Meg Taylor

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