"You are real people. You’re the next generation."

Wow. I am so happy right now. Literally, I don’t think my day could have been any more inspiring.

I rose with the sun this morning and decided to head off early to work so I wouldn’t be in rush-mode for my first day back in a while. A special shout-out to my lovely roommate who puts up with taking photos of me every morning. Good thing she’s a photography student, it definitely comes in handy 🙂

I got off the subway up by work and decided that the best use of my extra time would be to find the closest Starbucks to my morning subway stop (I’m not joking, that’s how seriously I take Starbucks). Turns out there is one less than a block away from where I get up on 57th! Score #1 for the day.

I got to the office early and spent about forty minutes getting organized before I was needed for a heavy printing/stapling job. Once I got that done, I got to sit in on a Marketing Team meeting. To say that I loved every minute of the meeting (even though I knew relatively little about what they were talking about) would be an understatement. These people make me want to drop out of school and start a career now. You think I’m kidding… 🙂

The last part of my morning was spent packaging UPS shipments and learning how to print the shipment sheets online. I have mastered that task, finally! On my way out, another intern and I were in the elevator chatting and I was thanking her for helping me with a few ‘common sense’ things like where shipments go and how to attach the UPS barcodes to envelopes. I told her I was too scared to ask some of the ‘real people’ in the office sometimes. As soon as I said that, another older lady turned to us and said, “you ladies are real people… you’re the next generation.” She smiled as we left the elevator. I almost wanted to run after her and give her a hug.

After I got back to the apartment, I ate a quick lunch and started walking to my class. It was HOT again today, and I had to walk pretty fast so I was pretty much dripping by the time I got there. So glamorous, I know. I passed a frozen yogurt truck on the way there and wanted to stop so, so bad but didn’t have the time. So unfortunate. I also passed an ad for Panera (with no actual restaurant in sight) and realized how badly I miss it. I can’t find ANY here!

On the other hand, class was AWESOME today. I got some feedback on my first article… and the professor pretty much tore it apart, but somehow I left feeling extremely good and inspired. She told everyone that a lot of us came across ‘too professional’ in our writing—that we needed to take out all of the “intelligent fluff” and just be real. That hit me pretty hard… I guess I do usually write to please extremely intelligent professors, and haven’t really gotten a dose of NYU Journalism yet. Well, here goes nothing. A new perspective on writing entirely!

My favorite thing she said today was, “Just write how you talk, we’re not in some Intro English class. This is Journalism.” Wow… So profound I can hardly take it.

On my way home from class I made my way up and down new streets, like usual, and ran into Gramercy Park which is one of the most beautiful parks in the entire city…. and it’s off limits to most unless you live in the immediate vicinity. Everyone else has to simply admire from afar. I must have looked funny taking pictures from behind the iron fences.

Time for homework tonight—we have to practice writing leads for news stories! Tomorrow’s another big day… it’s going to be EXCITING so be sure to check back! I almost want to tell you what I have planned, but it might be more exciting to keep it a surprise 🙂

—Meg Taylor

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