Walking All the Way East to West (& More!)

It didn’t rain today!!

Small victories.

It was also my day off (weird, considering I’ve been off for almost a week now!)… so naturally, I had to find a way to fill my time. This morning I took off on another ‘mini-adventure’ towards the East Side and the East River. I made my way up Third Avenue a little bit, found an adorable diner that I’m going to have to try and then found something that made my morning SO wonderful…

MACHINE-MADE CAPPUCCINO. I know, kind of a guilty pleasure and probably not good for me at all, but oh-so-good. Take my word for it. Try the French Vanilla sometime.

After the few pit stops, I finally made it all the way east to the river. I have to say, I’m a lot more impressed with the Hudson on the West Side… but it was good to walk with the breeze this morning. After a little more walking and a little more wandering, I made my way home to grab a quick bite before I was off to Chelsea Market again (back on the West Side). I literally walked the width of the island (and more) today!

A bunch of interns and a few new staff members at Food Network Magazine got to take an actual tour of the Food Network offices, studio and test kitchens today! It was very cool (and hard to believe) that everything from shooting to editing happens in just a few rooms. If you ever watch Next Food Network Star (or are familiar with the Food Network at all), we walked past Bob Tuschman’s office today and saw him working inside. I didn’t manage to take many pics this afternoon (I was too busy asking questions) but I ended up seeing a lot of what I saw last time I was there, plus a little more. A lot of the staff members were taking lunch break while we were there, and apparently they were developing a new hot dog recipe so everyone was carrying hot dogs around! Hmmm…. maybe it’d be fun to intern there next.

After the tour, I made my way to the East Village again to explore a little cupcake shop that I’m writing about for my Journalism class. I had to snap a few photos of the inside and talk to a few staff members. Unfortunately, I was still too full from lunch to try them out, but they looked delicious. There was even a cupcake with caramel-flavored popcorn on top!

The plan for tonight is to finish a little homework and then to start my profile piece. I only have class in the afternoon tomorrow, so my morning is free! Too bad the sunlight won’t let me sleep in.

The exciting news? I HAVE A VISITOR THIS WEEKEND! Stay tuned for more info 🙂

—Meg Taylor

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