Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay, Kristen Stewart and a Long Afternoon Nap

Whew! It’s truly been a long day – but a great one, at that!

I woke up at about 5 am this morning, bound and determined to make it to The Today Show finally! It’s my mom and I’s favorite morning past-time at home, so I couldn’t wait to wave to her on screen if I could find a spot 🙂 I got ready quickly and ran out the door … still amazed by how many people were strolling at 5:45 am. That’s New York for you.

I got to the set around 6:30 am and waited in line with a nice family (mom, dad, 2 twin boys) until they let us in around 7:00. Again, I was bummed that I had eaten before because there was a food truck parked next to the set serving coffee, hot cocoa and pastries – free for show guests! *Duly noted for next time.

Guess who re-tweeted me on Twitter this morning as I was waiting in line?!? HODA KOTB!

We stood on set watching them set up until about 7:30, when Bobby Flay came out of the studio building to start setting up for his ‘cook-off’ vs. Giada De Laurentiis. Giada soon followed, and we spent the next 40 minutes smelling wonderful food and watching them cook from pretty close behind. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it over to my section for a photo… but I did get a few good shots of them. Giada is just as bubbly, fun and sweet in person as she is on camera. What an inspiration.

Al, Matt and Savannah were the ‘judges’ and sat at the table right in front of where I was standing! I got pretty up close and personal with them and even shook Al’s hand 🙂 My mom managed to tape the show and snap a few photos of me on-screen to prove I got my few minutes of fame. I think Giada’s food looked & smelled a little better … but I’m a little biased.

Can you spot me in the crowd?

After they wrapped Bobby and Giada’s segment, Kristen Stewart came out on the plaza to promote her new movie. Unfortunately she was all the way on the other side of the plaza from me … but I did manage to squeeze my way in close enough to get a few decent shots. She was only outside for a few minutes, if that, and didn’t really want much to do with the crowd. Her quirky, awkwardness definitely showed.

After Kristen, I decided to head back to the apartment. I was pretty tired and it looked like they were close to done shooting outside for the morning. I got home, made myself an early lunch (standing in the background is hard work!) and then passed out on my bed for a little while. And by that I mean, almost until my class started at 2. The simple pleasure of an afternoon nap… 🙂

Class was great today – we learned a lot of new stuff about video editing and we’re starting to edit our own broadcast projects next week! It’s a lot of new information for me, but all useful nonetheless. Hopefully I’ll be a pro by the end of the 6 weeks.

After class, it was time to get ready for our first-ever College Lifestyles Intern meet-up! I’ve been working and writing for the website for over a year now, and it was awesome to talk with and hang out with girls who share a lot of my same dreams. We shared intern stories, tips about living in NYC and just had fun grabbing a bite to eat at Madison Square. It’s great to have another group of girls I can call when I get a little lonely … they’re going through the exact same thing!

Tomorrow’s a full day at the office – which I haven’t had in over a week! It’ll be another long day for sure 🙂 BUT THE WEEKEND IS ALMOST HERE!

—Meg Taylor

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