FULL Day- Work Hard, Play Hard

Some days go by quickly. Others go by slowly. The rest, they’re just kind of here … then gone. One of my many goals this summer is to take advantage of every day. I’ve been so blessed to be here in this incredible city for an entire summer and I don’t want to miss out on any part of it.

So as part of that goal, I’m trying to see the beauty in the little things. This morning I left the apartment a little early for work and wandered by the entrance to Central Park. There is an incredible view of the top of the Hearst Tower, and I enjoyed people-watching and sipping my coffee without feeling rushed.

More simple pleasures. I seem to be one of the only one in the entire city who knows how to get somewhere early to relax.

Then it was time for a full day at the office! My morning was a little slower, I did a lot of reading/research for our summer-long intern project. We’re doing team/group-work uncovering the ‘next phase’ of the magazine industry and what that means for Food Network Magazine. It should be exciting and I can’t wait to get to know the other interns better. There are 3 of us in the Marketing Department, 2 in Sales and one in Creative (design/layout).

I took a quick lunch break (at my desk) because I brought a few things from home, and then got involved in a few office projects for the afternoon. I did a little more UPS/packaging and then I helped put together a calendar for my supervisor. It took a while because he wanted it coded a certain way 🙂 After that, I helped package a framed piece for one of our ad clients! (See below) It was quite the challenge to take a photo of the thing (SO many shadows) and find the right box to ship it in … but I finally figured it out. After that was done – it was time for the weekend!

I came home, cooked a little dinner (homemade pizza bagels, hit the spot!), and then set out for more video footage for my broadcast class before sunset. Now, it’s time for laundry and planning my day tomorrow!

SERENA IS COMING! I am so happy to have visitors.

P.S. Sorry for the dull post, working takes a lot out of me I guess. This weekend’s posts will be great, I promise! Maybe I’ll have Serena do a guest blog entry… 🙂

—Meg Taylor

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