FRONT & Center BROADWAY and Raven-Symoné!

Today was another one of those … sigh and pause to appreciate how great of a day it really was … days.

I started off bright and early at the Broadway Theater in Times Square to stand in line for rush tickets! I’ve been dying to go to one since I’ve been here, and I was beyond thrilled to get the chance tonight! I was third in line for tickets to Sister Act, a show starring Raven-Symoné, based on the popular movie. I ended up getting front row orchestra tickets for the 8 pm show. It was definitely worth standing in line.

Then it was time to waste a few hours before Serena got here, so I walked home to change into more comfortable attire (it was warming up quite a bit). It ended up being a BEAUTIFUL day here! I then walked back up to Grand Central Station area and wandered through several HUGE department stores (Lord & Taylor) and other stores to see if I could find any deals… no luck! Nothing stuck out to me that I absolutely had to have.

I spent the other half of the afternoon getting acquainted with the New York Public Library. I sat outside in the beautiful courtyard, then I discovered what probably will be my favorite place in NYC, behind the Library. So beautiful. Then I decided to go inside. Sometimes I forget how much I love and appreciate the library until I can spend the afternoon in one, alone and reading book covers for as long as I want. I actually ended up applying for my first NYC Public Library Card – so I’m planning on checking out/reading quite a few books this summer during my many hours of down time! It should be a great way to spend the summer and take advantage of such a great resource.

I checked out out my first book today – I’ll keep you posted with how good/bad it is as I read 🙂

After I grabbed a late afternoon bite to eat, SERENA got here from Penn Station! I picked her up and then we made our way back to my apartment (unfortunately we got stuck in a bit of train traffic, so it took a while). We had a few short minutes to change before we had to run (literally) to the train station to make it to our 8 pm show. Serena almost got caught in the train door as we were leaving, but no worries, she made it in time 🙂

We actually got to the show with about 15 minutes to spare! We thought we were going to be late – and awkwardly walking to the front row! The show ended up being INCREDIBLE and Raven-Symoné was awesome as well. Talk about a talented, gracious star … she was to-die-for. The best part was probably the very end when we were all standing during the bows. We were probably less than 2 feet away from Raven-Symoné standing in the center of the stage. We could see her whispering under her breath and smiling … it was such an incredible thing to see up close and made me realize that she’s just a real person, like you or I.

After the show, Serena and I made our way through Times Square – it was PACKED as always. So many people, but it was fun to see it at night … I hadn’t ventured out yet!

Tomorrow is a fun day, Serena and I will probably head out somewhere for brunch before we do some shopping. Got to love a girl’s day. Goodnight for now!

—Meg Taylor

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