Brunch at the Sunflower, Shopping on Broadway and Church in Penn Hotel

I think I’m partial to Sundays. They just always seem so relaxing, peaceful … like you truly have nowhere to go and nowhere to be. It’s the perfect day to wander and just be.

This morning Serena and I woke up and got dressed for brunch! I’ve been wanting to try the Sunflower Diner up the street on Third Ave. for a while now, and I thought I’d bring her there while I had an excuse 🙂

We both ordered the yogurt with granola and fresh fruit. I ordered an english muffin with peanut butter on the side (my new addiction) and she ordered a side of toast with PB. We left full and happy, although next time I’ll probably opt for the Blueberry Pancakes or French Toast… I don’t know why I stray from what my stomach’s trying to tell me sometimes. Oh well, now I’ll just have to go back!

We then ran into a cute little ‘street fair’ or food festival of sorts right on Third Ave south of 23rd. It went on for close to 7 blocks, and the streets were full of tents and people selling everything imaginable – from ‘designer’ make-up, handbags, picture frames, smoothies, gyros, sunglasses, jewelry, scarves … and even deep fried oreos! I don’t think I’d ever have the guts to try them.

After we walked the fair, we decided to head over to Union Square and Broadway for a little more shopping. We stopped in Forever 21 and I picked out a new dress. Surprised? Serena got a couple new dresses and then an adorable hot pink skirt at J. Crew a little bit later.

After shopping, I had to take her back to Grand Central Station so she could board a bus to the airport 😦 I loved having her here with me this weekend, so it was hard to say goodbye until August. But we’ll stay in touch, I have no doubt. Her life is far too interesting for me to miss out 🙂

I came back home and decided to go grocery shopping for the week – and luckily, I had just gotten back with my groceries when it started to rain! I then took a shower, made myself dinner and got ready for an evening service of church! This week I decided to go to The Journey Church – held in a banquet room at the Pennsylvania Hotel near Penn Station. I’m used to going to church in a hotel … so it kind of felt like home. The worship as well as the sermon was great. I think I may have found where I’ll go to church all summer 🙂 That actually makes me really happy. To take things even further, I signed up for a college summer small group that will start in two weeks! I’m kind of excited and I think I’ll meet a group of really great people. I’ve never done a small group before – can you say nervous?!

Time for Next Food Network Star – got to support the brand! Tomorrow is a full day at the Hearst Tower. Stay tuned for more office adventures!

—Meg Taylor

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