BIG NEWS, Inspiring Co-Workers, and an Answer to My Prayers :)


Someone is definitely looking out for me.

My day started early with a few cups of coffee and a rain-free commute to work. I snapped a few photos on the way, just because I’m in love with where I get to call ‘work’ for the summer. Could I be any more lucky? Today was a real wake up call … regardless of what I do in life, this summer will probably be one of the most defining times of my life.

Cool realization.

It was chilly this morning, so I grabbed a scarf on my way out.

The morning started with a status meeting for the Marketing crew at the magazine. All the girls on the marketing team are pretty much my idols … the way they plan events and cater to their clients with class, personality, creativity and passion really makes me understand what drives people to a career in PR. They spend so much time ensuring that their clients are taken care of, and that all people think about when they see Food Network Magazine is opportunity and excitement. So inspiring! It was also really cool to hear about all the staff projects and what they’re in the middle of working on.

After I got assigned a quick job for Thursday morning, it was time to head out for class! I’m really starting to grow closer to the other marketing/sales interns, which really helps me feel more connected and not alone 🙂 We’re all learning together!

Class was great today – we got to do a ‘mini’ story writing exercise where the professor held a fake press conference and interview session for an entire ‘made-up case’ about a hit and run. It was pretty much a game of make-believe for journalists! We spent half the time doing the interviews and gathering information and then the other half writing the story to turn in before we left. I think mine turned out pretty well!

I also think that I finalized by first broadcast/video project for the summer – if you’re interested, pop by here:
It took FOREVER to upload to YouTube, but it finally works!

After class I made a QUICK dinner and then made my way to the Ed2010 Summer Magazine Intern Meet-And-Greet Party with a bunch of other interns. It was held at a really cool river bistro restaurant on the Upper West Side and was sponsored by Ed2010 – a website for magazine insiders that posts internship info, holds NYC mixers, and does a bunch of mag-related events. It’s so pretty up there … completely different from the neighborhood I live in 🙂 We got to have drinks and mix/mingle right on the Hudson River. I met a lot of great interns, including two girls at Food Network Mag who are working with the editorial department (on the other side of the office). I’m excited to grab lunch with all of them next week.

So… here’s the big news. I applied for an Ed2010 Trust Fund a few months ago. Ed2010 sponsors an intern each semester with promise in the magazine industry who’s working an unpaid internship. There’s an application process and an essay and the winner gets $1,000 toward their summer in NYC.

And I got it. I won the Summer Trust Fund. Words can’t even express how excited and THRILLED I am. I am so beyond blessed and can only think that God must have answered my many prayers. Thank you to everyone who made this happen for me. You’re all a blessing in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. Look out for me to post the link to an interview with me that will appear on Ed2010’s website!

Tomorrow I have the day off – but I have a few things planned so it should be an exciting day! Starting with a visit to the Mac store to (hopefully) fix my computer that’s been crashing on/off this afternoon. Not good… I almost couldn’t get it to start to do my blog tonight. Thanks goodness it came on!

—Meg Taylor

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