SUCCESS at Work, Scouting the East Village, and a Blueberries and Creme Cookie :)

Yet another busy, long day – but I love it that way! I pretty much just got home and finally settled in … it definitely feels good to put my feet up after plenty of walking πŸ™‚

This morning I went with a coral ensemble for work – recognize the dress Mal? I was super excited to wear this one with my pearls. For some reason, I feel extra confident in it and I LOVE the color!

It was definitely a french vanilla cappuccino kind of morning. It was damp and dreary until I was all settled in at work, and then of course, it cleared up and got really nice for my walk home!

This morning at work I did a lot of great, exciting things! I always seem to do more/get assigned more on the half days than the full days for some reason. I started off with packaging a gift for one of the marketing girls’ clients who is throwing an event. I got to wrap a nice bottle of wine, a few cookbooks and an apron and ship it out of the office! Then I got to work on another design/mailer project (for the same client I did the previous one for). I think my supervisor liked it – she sent it to her sales rep for a second opinion. Hopefully I’ll have another finished project to add to my portfolio soon! The other girl interns and I are starting to ‘click’ more and more; I love being in the office with them! It’s fun to be around them and cool that we all feel kind of corporate sometimes. πŸ™‚

After I got off the subway, I got a bag free of hummus samples – I know what I’ll be eating for a while – and then saw a bus where everyone was dancing to Caribbean music on the top (only in NYC). I came home from work to a quick lunch and blog update for The Forum Greek Newspaper and then I was off for a nice walk to class. It’s about a 20 minute walk, but it goes by fast because there is so much to look at. I try to take a different way every day! It’s fun to notice new buildings and ‘art’ every time.

We spent the class period going over a few things in the video editing software and running through our story pitches for our final video projects. After it was over, I spent the remainder of the afternoon scouting the East Village for a better story idea. I came up with three preliminary pitches – hopefully he’ll like at least one of them! I passed (and stopped in) an ADORABLE vintage shop on my way home (Faith O’Connor would love) and a super hip tea shop (Mal Chase would fall in love with). The cat store, on the other hand, is for you – Julia Porth.

After I camped out in an East Village Starbucks for a while, I met my Summer ‘Mentor’ (recent Umich grad working in NYC) for dessert at the ‘Milk’ bar in the East Village. It was super cute – everything was kind of breakfast-themed. They had ‘cereal milk’ flavored soft serve (it really did taste like it!) that you could add corn flakes to as well. I went with a blueberries and creme cookie, because I’m such a sucker for a good cookie πŸ™‚ On my walk home, I just had to stop and admire how beautiful the city really is at night.

Tomorrow is a full day at the office – and then I have to hit the DOG PARK in the East Village for a journalism assignment after dinner. Great, I’ll probably just miss my puppy even more when I leave…

Time for bedddddddd πŸ™‚

—Meg Taylor

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