Ordering Cupcakes, An Interview with a Chihuahua, and More East Village

Happy Friday!

It was a great day šŸ™‚ I woke up this morning and just missed my roommate, so I couldn’t manage to get a picture of the outfit for the morning, but I did take a couple of myself so you can put the pieces together. I’ll give you a hint – more polka dots!

I’ve learned that the office is pretty slow on Fridays … my supervisor was in for the day (he was even early) but the rest of the marketing team took a ‘Summer Friday’ I think. So it was just him and I and a few people from sales! I spent the morning researching Bob Tuschman (General Manager/Senior Vice President, Food Network) because the magazine is hosting a lunch for him next week in the office and apparently peppering him with a lot of random questions. You’d recognize him as a judge on Next Food Network Star!

I then spent some time reading through old issues (never gets old) and ‘studying’ layout/concept/edit features. My goal is to become a pro at recognizing and describing the entire aesthetic of the magazine by the end of the summer!

I took a quick lunch break with a few snacks I brought from the apartment … remember the free hummus from yesterday? I made myself a hummus-pita sandwich! I had never really tried it as a meal staple before, but I kind of liked it and it filled me up!

After lunch I organized a lot of data from a cupcake contest we just finished. Apparently we’re sending HUNDREDS of cupcakes to clients around the country … and organizing where they’re all going, how they’re getting delivered, and which bakery we are using in each respective city is quite the feat! I spent a lot of time on excel and Google – finding cupcake bakeries (that deliver) around the country.

After that research started to come to a close, I did a little packaging and UPS shipping. I’m such a pro at the mail boxes now … you should see me rock the mail room. I could probably do it with my eyes closed!

I left the office around 5, and took the subway home to make dinner and relax a bit (yummy whole-wheat spinach ravioli and salad from Whole Foods šŸ™‚ ).

After dinner, I was on-assignment! I had to go to the Dog Park in the East Village to profile dog and its owner for class. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! Going up to a complete stranger and asking them to tell you about his/her life is actually 100% terrifying. I’m so glad I got my footage so now I can do the easy part … write the story!

Tomorrow’s a chill Saturday – I’ll (hopefully) finish up my weekend homework assignment and story about the dog park and then fit in a nice, long walk. Until then!

PS- Did you see my Interview with Aarti Sequeira? Scroll Down!

—Meg Taylor

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