An Afternoon in the Video Lab and an Evening Babysitting in a Foreign Palace (Tribeca)

It’s the weekend! And I actually slept in until 10 am this morning – can you believe that?! I guess I was a little tired 🙂

I woke up and made blueberry pancakes for brunch this morning (mix courtesy of my grandparents). I’m starting to like this ‘brunch’ concept more and more – I adore pancakes in the morning now … especially with peanut butter on top. Is that crazy?

I then took a nice, long shower and ventured to the video lab to edit a project for class! You can see the final product here – We had to profile a dog and its owner in the East Village Tompkins Square Dog Run! The whole video process took me about 4 hours; I left the lab around 4:30 pm.

After I got home, I started to make myself dinner! I made a creamy Parmesan risotto (gluten-free, but oh-so-good) and spinach salad. I’ve been into spinach lately too, and it’s really good for you!

After dinner, I made my way down to Tribeca – I actually took a babysitting job for the night! I wandered around the village a little bit before it was time to head up to the apartment. It’s super hip and trendy – modern too – and I stopped in the most adorable coffee shop for a mocha cappuccino. It was probably the best espresso drink I’ve ever had.

Now – I won’t post too many pictures – but I do want to give you a peak inside the apartment (or should I say palace) I’m currently babysitting in. The kids are both asleep (5 month girl and 3 year old boy) so I’m just happily watching a movie in the den.

Wow. Words can’t even describe how lucky I feel to be in this apartment right now.

Tomorrow should be a GREAT day! I’m off to get matinee rush tickets in the morning for the Broadway show ‘Once’ with a few friends I met a few nights ago, and then I’ll head to church in the PM again.

WOOHOO for the weekend! 
*And a paycheck so I don’t feel too guilty buying tickets tomorrow 🙂

—Meg Taylor


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