Rush BOX Tickets to Broadway’s "Once" and a Relaxing Sunday Evening

First off – I just want to say thank you for over 3,000 views/hits on my blog since I started my journey! πŸ™‚ I’ve loved having all of you right there beside me during this incredible time in my life.

Today was another spectacular day! I didn’t get home until pretty late last night after babysitting (don’t worry, I was safe) but I made quite a bit of money – so it was well worth it. I could get used to this NYC babysitting rate …

I woke up early (around 6:45 am) and got dressed and ready to be out the door by 7:30! I only got a few hours of sleep – but I REALLY wanted to get in line soon enough to see the Broadway show ‘Once’ this afternoon for the matinee performance. It was nominated for 11 Tony Awards – and it was extremely special to see it today because the Tony Award Show is going on as I write this post! You could tell all of the actors were jazzed and excited (they all got to perform during the Awards Show later as well). I ended up waiting at the theater from 8 am to noon for rush tickets – and we ended up with box seats, so again, well worth the wait and $26.

Although you’re not technically supposed to, I did get a few quick snapshots of the theater (the flash was off). As we were walking to our seats, most of the cast and crew (minus the leads) were already on stage dancing and singing and playing instruments – talk about a warm welcome! It was something I’d never seen before during a Broadway show. It was awesome though, they invited a ton of the audience members on stage to sing and dance along with them!

The show follows an Irish musician (guitar player/singer to be exact) as he falls in love with a woman in Dublin. He has a previous girlfriend who moved to New York, who also inspired most of his original work, but then he ends up falling in love with this girl as she inspires him and accompanies him in voice/piano. If you’ve ever heard an Irishman sing … whew, they’ll melt your heart in a second. I was literally sobbing and smiling and so emotionally involved in the whole performance.

If you want to see a highlight reel – go to

Once again, I HIGHLY recommend this show. Seriously, a tug at your heart strings but so good. After the show let out, we waited by the stage door and were pleasantly surprised to see some of the cast come out and sign our playbills. I’m starting a nice little collection! πŸ™‚

After the show, I made my way to church at the same place I went last week (the 6:30 pm service is great!). It was great again – I am so impressed with the way the people and pastor are so on fire for God. It’s so much fun to worship and feel free and let go of stress/worry/anxiety. I’m so thankful for my time there every week. Snapped some pictures on my way home (setting up for a Tony viewing party in T. Square).

Now I’m catching up on some homework and then it will (hopefully) be an early bed time! I’m exhausted!

—Meg Taylor

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