Running Errands at the Office, Making New Friends, and Making a Pledge to ‘More Love Letters’

People never stop amazing me.

No, really.
I’m serious.
People are awesome.

I absolutely can’t believe I’m starting my fourth week of my internship already! Seriously, where is the time going? Will someone please press pause for a minute? This morning was pretty standard – up and ready by 8 am after a nice bowl of oatmeal and mug of coffee 🙂

I can’t decide whether I like wearing skirts or dresses better to the office – I’m leaning more towards dresses, even though I’ve always been a skirt person. Thoughts?

I still can’t believe I get to walk into this building almost every day. Dreams, I tell you.

The morning was pretty slow – everyone has some catching up to do when they get in on Monday mornings – so I kept myself busy by making a personal cookbook (well, more like a cooking ‘to-do’ list) with some of my fave recipes from all the previous issues. I have to say, it is kind of fun being steps away from every issue that’s ever been published. Makes for some pretty great reading material 🙂

Then in the afternoon, I sorted a few t-shirts for an event we’re doing next week (stay tuned for more details) and I also did a lot of printing/labeling/sorting for a big marketing meeting we’re having on Monday to talk about the event. I’ll just say it involves popsicles, makeup and food trucks.

If you’re in NYC – make sure you’re following @foodnetmagpromo on Twitter to stay in the loop!

I left the office for a little bit in the afternoon to run an errand – it was kind of fun! I got to pick up black/white plates and napkins. Who knew I’d get so much simple joy from that?!

After I left the Tower, I came home and made myself a little ‘nostalgic for home’ meal. It was yummy wheat spinach ravioli (with a little cheese ;-)) and some sauteed summer squash. It made me think of my mommy … didn’t taste quite as good as she makes it though!

 After dinner, I made my way to a More Love Letters ‘Love Letter Writing Party’ hosted by the wonderful founder of the organization, Hannah K. Brencher! She started the organization to leave love letters all around the city – addressed to anyone and meant for anyone in need. I was so touched by her story, her drive, her energy and her undying love and compassion for other people (even for people she’d never know/meet!). It’s people like that who you just look at and think, wow – the world needs more people like her.

I met a few GREAT people (thank you Tammy :-)) and had so much fun writing love letters over cupcakes. I love to see the power of social media shine in such a good way. AWESOME!

So Hannah – here’s my pledge to you … I’m going to write one letter a week (maybe more) for my entire summer in NYC and plant them all over the city in my favorite places.  

I can’t wait to support you in your incredible endeavor. You inspire me.

Tomorrow is a big day – I’m meeting a few IMPORTANT people for breakfast before work and then it’s off to class in the afternoon.

Whew … see, I told you people were awesome.

—Meg Taylor

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