Rainy Ups and Rainy Downs – Spiritual Highs and Inspiration in Puddles

I feel like I start out every blog post with … what a day.

Maybe that phrase should just be permanently embedded into the header.

To begin with – check out this awesome map of places I’ve been so far this summer. I hope it’s completely full of red x’s by the end!

If you haven’t checked out my interview with Bakerella I posted earlier, check it out here!

Anyway, today started as a little hectic and overwhelming. I had an early breakfast scheduled which had a few minor mishaps – but I did get treated to an INCREDIBLE granola, fresh yogurt and fruit bowl (I would say parfait, but the thing was MASSIVE) at Pershing Square near Grand Central Station. I was a little late coming out of the breakfast though, which made me stressed getting to work from across town. I ended up walking extremely fast and getting there at a decent time. For anyone who knows me, you know that I absolutely can’t stand being late.

I am always the early one.

Work was interesting today – it was the first day that two interns were scheduled and had to share a desk (which may happen more often now) so I just kind of had to float for the morning without a computer or workspace. The other intern had gotten there before me and settled in. I’m not complaining – I’ll take any time in the office I can get – I just felt bad that I couldn’t really help anyone with anything because I didn’t have access to computer/email.

I guess that shows you just how dependent we are on computers now … kind of scary if you ask me.

It wasn’t too bad though – I did help with a few little things for the event we’re putting together for next week. Stay tuned! I also got some more reading done and helped research cupcake bakeries! I only stayed until noon because I had class this afternoon, so the morning went by relatively quickly.

By the time I left, it had started to rain … which made me feel a little worse. When it was time for class, I decided to walk just because I needed some time to think and ‘walk off’ the morning’s events. Good thing I did.

For some reason, I had some sort of epiphany on my walk to class. As I was kind of sulking … I realized how selfish I was being. Why was I complaining and pretty much ‘ruining’ my own day? Just because the morning didn’t go exactly how I had planned didn’t mean that I couldn’t be happy or grateful.

So on my walk, I decided that I would smile and make eye contact with as many people as I could (kind of a challenge considering everyone had an umbrella) to see if I could get anyone to smile back. Turns out I got 12 people to stop frowning/sulking in the rain to smile at me! Some people looked and me and thought I was super strange, some kind of chuckled, and some genuinely seemed to appreciate the positive vibe. I really hope I brightened at least one person’s day. I know it helped me … I was actually laughing to myself on my way into class!

Class was relatively uneventful – we talked for a little bit about our previous assignment and then had short mid-semester conferences. We’re halfway done already!

After class, I made my way up to The Shops at Columbus Circle (near the entrance to Central Park and up by my office) for my first small group meeting of the summer! I am joining a college small group with the church I’ve been attending the past few weeks. I’m truly very excited about it – there are some great people involved, and hopefully friends, in the group!

We had lots of yummy snacks – I could get used to this every week! (We met at Whole Foods :-))

Tomorrow is a full day at She’s the First – and from what I hear, I have a few exciting projects to get started on! They involve PINTEREST!

—Meg Taylor

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