I Think I Might Just Have Cupcake Fever …

I’m always happy when I can look back on my day and think … wow, I was really productive today. Doesn’t it feel great?

I woke up this morning (and got to sleep in a little since it’s my day ‘off’) and relaxed with a big mug of coffee, oatmeal and a magazine. I’m bummed I don’t get to appreciate the morning view from my apartment more often, I’m usually headed right out the door on my way to work!

I also decided to get a morning work out in – which always makes me feel good! I miss doing it every morning before class last semester. I’m hoping to start going to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and get it done before work. I never have enough energy to do it once I get out of work!

Around 10 am I made my way to She’s the First HQ (my second summer project/volunteer work) and spent the morning doing a few fun Pinterest projects! I pinned a lot of new images (cupcakes, campus chapters, inspiring words, travel photos) to the She’s the First page and even started a new board! It’s so fun to call that work. Who else gets to sit at a computer and pin all afternoon?

Tammy brought me a tie-dye cupcake for all my hard work and efforts πŸ™‚ I gladly ate it after lunch. It was actually the first tie-dye cupcake I’ve ever had!

The rest of the afternoon was spent searching for DIY craft ideas for a summer camp She’s the First is hosting for girls in NYC in July. Again, I surfed Pinterest until I found a few good options. I’m excited about the things I found – but if you have any AWESOME crafts you want to share, please leave a comment below! It’d be great if they have to do with cupcakes, technology, computer/gadgets accessories, etc. If you have any ideas (both cheap and easy to create) please send them my way!

Oh yes – I got a tweet from Joanie Dodds today while I was at the office. She was final two on American’s Next Top Model and I met her in the subway the other night on my way home from work!

Later in the afternoon, I left the office and came back to the apartment to do a little research for my final print project for class. I contacted a great organization (it’s actually a business turned non-profit organization) to develop a nice profile/interview article. Speaking of the class – I finally got an article PUBLISHED! See it posted on the blog here.

I checked my mailbox when I got back and was surprised by a nice Starbucks gift card from the church I just started to attend here … I guess I found the right place? πŸ™‚

Dinner was yummy sweet potato fries and a red pepper/squash salad. I try to convince myself that the fries are somewhat healthy .. or that the veggies make up for it. Oh well – can’t win them all. The fries were TO DIE FOR.

After dinner, it was time for a She’s the First volunteer meeting to talk about the cupcake bake-off campaign that will be happening in November! Thousands of groups and organizations are going to be baking tie-dye cupcakes around the country to raise money for the organization. If you’re interested in hosting your own bake sale … all of the details are posted here. I think I’ll end up playing a big role in the campaign … I can see myself getting really invested already and its only been a few weeks!

My night ended with brownie cupcakes – baked for my roommate who had a birthday this past weekend! I made mama cupcakes and baby cupcakes πŸ™‚ Take your pick! Then I got to catch up with my best friend in Chile – Skype really does do wonders for making you feel at home.

Time for bed! Early to rise means a workout … maybe. I have a BUSY day tomorrow starting with a meeting at the office in the morning!

—Meg Taylor

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