Strolling in Noho and an Army of Dress Forms on the Sidewalk

I still had cupcake fever when I woke up this morning.

I brought one of my brownie cupcakes (that I baked last night) down to our security guard – who I adore! He’s always so upbeat and positive! I thought he deserved a nice treat this morning as I left for work. It really does feel great starting the day by making another person’s day. I hope he enjoyed it!

Work was hectic this morning, to say the least. Bob Tuschman (Food Network Exec – super important for all things Food Network and celeb judge on Next Food Network Star) came to the Hearst Tower around noon for a lunch with some of our important clients. Unfortunately, it was a VIP, invite-only event so the interns didn’t get to attend – but I did see him come in the building and get escorted up by someone on staff! He’s definitely got that crooked smile that you see so often on TV.

While half of the office was going crazy for that event, the interns were all going crazy with stapling! We had so many documents to track, print, label and staple together in packets that we took over an entire section of the office! You should have seen our label/staple assembly line. We work great as a team 🙂 All of the packets are for the event we’re doing in the city next week – I’m excited to share after we wrap it up!

Around 11:30, we had an intern meeting with our coordinators to talk about our summer-long intern project (group/collaborative project). We’re doing a lot of research and designing a presentation for all of the staff at the conclusion of the internship – talk about intimidating! I’m excited though, it will give me a chance to show them some of my creative presentation skills 🙂 Here are a few views from the 35th floor, in our “Inspiration Station.” Seriously, how did I get so lucky to call this work?!

I left the office in a hurry around 12:15 – I wanted to squeeze in an interview for a class project in the East Village before my class started at 2. Unfortunately, I was a little too ambitious (well, that and I took the train the wrong direction – one that I hadn’t taken yet!) and didn’t quite make it in time to do a good interview and get to class.

So instead of making a run for it, I decided to walk and wander a bit in Noho – I hadn’t been yet! It’s a little west of the East Village and above Soho. It was kind of cute – I saw a few charming bistros and restaurants … and some random dress forms on the sidewalk! You’ve got to love New York. I bought myself a Diet Coke because I’ve been craving it like crazy all week. Yum!

After wandering, it was time for class – we ended up showing some of our video projects in the screening room. It was kind of intimidating, but fun to hear my classmates’ feedback! They were pretty impressed with my published piece, so that was nice to hear. I left class a little early (with permission) to go get the interview footage I missed out on earlier. Everyone else was editing their previous projects.

I got my interview at Recycle-a-Bicycle in the East Village – I’m writing a story about an event they are co-sponsoring this weekend – so keep a look out for developments on that story (and hopefully a published piece eventually!).

After I wrapped filming, I took the train over to Tribeca to babysit. I stopped at a little cafe before I went to the apartment and treated myself to a nice, refreshing ‘mint-strawberry lemonade.’

I’m just now getting a chance to catch my breath and relax! The kids were already sleeping when I got here … so I guess I’ll just blog? I could get used to this way of making money. Why can’t life always be this easy?

—Meg Taylor

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