All Smiles at the Office and Mingling with Professional Designers from American Eagle and J. Crew

It’s the weekend! A jam packed one at that …

Today started off a little slow for me. I got home a bit late from babysitting last night, so I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked. But it’s okay – I made it through the day! Sometimes I am amazed at how little sleep I survived on during the school year. I guess it’s the long, 9-5 days that kill you. Well, technically 8:30 since I get in early 🙂

I thought I’d give you a little glimpse of my walk to work after I get off the subway … a few cute bistros that are always tempting me with yummy breakfast smells and a pretty cool reflection in a building across the street from the tower. Not a bad commute at all.

Work was AWESOME today! I felt like they really appreciated the things that I was doing and were grateful to see me take over some of their small projects. I love that they trust me more and more with the small things! I started off the day by developing a ‘tweet bank’ for our upcoming campaign. Keep an eye on @foodnetmagpromo in the next few days for exciting updates – and free treats on the streets of Manhattan!

After that, I did a little research for our intern project by reading and sorting through a lot of our marketing materials. I think I’m starting to understand a lot of what goes on in the big marketing meetings now – which is kind of cool since the first meeting sounded like gibberish!

Later in the afternoon I did a little designing and editing for a few advertising campaign/opportunity materials tailored to our upcoming issue – and one of my marketing mentors loved it! I get so excited when they like my work.  To round out the afternoon, I packaged up a lot of materials for our event next week and shipped them across town, and then I helped organize an email blast for a bake sale we are hosting in the office next week for the charity organization Share our Strength!

I also got to take a quick field trip to a sales meeting at AT&T, helping one of our sales guys carry a bunch of our promo bags for clients. Although I wasn’t there for the actual meeting, it felt pretty cool to get a guest pass with ‘FN Mag’ on it. 🙂

I left work and went straight to Union Square, where I ran into the farmer’s market (pleasant surprise) and got a quick bite to eat at Whole Foods.

Then it was time for the Friday portion of Fashion Campus NYC! It is an event/conference hosted by the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Parsons The New School for Design – free for summer interns! We are diving into the business of the fashion industry today/tomorrow and get to hear from and speak with real professionals! (I’m talking production consultants for American Eagle and Design for J. Crew!) It was great to hear from them in a panel discussion tonight, I learned a lot and am definitely inspired to shine in my internship this summer!

We also got some free swag. Can’t complain about a new tote bag, snacks, business cards, notebooks and tons of NYC maps. I’ll probably give them all to my sister when she comes NEXT WEEK. Maybe she won’t get lost … or maybe she will. Just kidding, she’ll be fine.

After the panel discussion, we went over to another building for appetizers and refreshments. They had tons of soda and vitamin water and lots of yummy eats (plus servers with more food on trays!). They must know that most city internships are unpaid and that we don’t have a ton of cash 🙂 It felt awesome to walk around and meet so many new people. I do have to say … I felt pretty professional. Funny thing – I met a girl from Chile named Daniela (I loved telling her about Julia), and also a girl who goes to Michigan State (small world!).

Time for bed. I literally collapsed when I got home – I feel like I haven’t sat still in a while! Tomorrow I’ll be at the conference in the morning, shooting for a video project in the afternoon, and hopefully hanging out with a friend at night! Yay for the weekend!

—Meg Taylor

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