Meetings Upon Meetings, a Studio Tour and Kicking Back in Central Park

Tuesdays tend to fly by.

I wake up, get dressed and ready for work (the roommate was still sleeping this morning, so I had to settle for self-shots), and I’m out the door by 8 am!

I get to work by 8:30 am and start the day by making a nice cup of ‘Flavia’ coffee (the AWESOME coffee machine we have at the office that’s comparable to a Keurig, but even cooler). Tuesday morning means a marketing team meeting, so the other intern and I stapled a bunch of packets together that pretty much summarize what the entire team is working on (events, ads, promos, partnerships, creative, etc.).

The meeting lasts a little over an hour, since everyone runs through their individual projects. It’s really cool to hear them interact and talk so passionately about the clients and strategies they are pursuing.

After the meeting, we had an intern-only meeting (aren’t we grown up?) to talk about our intern project. We decided what areas we were interested in, and also how to split up the group work. I’m really excited about my area of research – I think it’s going to be really fun and hopefully I will be able to come up with a few great ideas!

I’m researching a bunch of emerging content platforms and forms of social media (to tie in how we should be portraying our magazine in the digital space). I get to spend a lot of time on Pinterest and all of the ‘wanna-be’ Pinterest sites. There are quite a few of them!

I left work around noon and stopped at the Post Office on my way home to pick up some mail for the She’s the First crew. It was exciting to see them receive so many donation letters! I then stopped at the office shortly on my way back to the apartment to deliver them.

After a quick bite for lunch, I walked to class (I figured out it’s about a mile walk – nice for an afternoon ‘pick-me-up’). The entire class period today was spent pitching our final print projects. Our professor may be scary, but she does know what she is talking about. Although, if she doesn’t like your idea or doesn’t think it is promising … she’s not afraid to pull the veto card. At least she’s honest, I guess.

I think I escaped with a decent story idea, so directly after class I went to try to get a few quotes for the story from a store manager at a local non-profit organization. The company, Works in Progress NYC, is a silk-screening company that is a non-profit organization run to contribute original art and print materials to the East Village Community. They also offer an impressive internship program for high school students – which makes for an interesting article topic!

I got to stop in the studio for a bit to see how the process worked. I also got to chat with an intern who told me a little bit about her experience with the company.

After that interview, I stopped by the EV park on my way home to see if I could get a few quotes from teenagers without jobs this summer – which is kind of the ‘hook’ of the piece I think.

Hopefully, the story will piece itself together … we’ll see.

Then it was time for small group in CENTRAL PARK! I was thrilled to spend a little time there tonight because, believe it or not, I haven’t actually walked through yet. Hopefully Kendall and I will do that sometime this week.

Small group was great – we really started diving into the book we are reading, Blue Like Jazz, and I loved hearing from and being around such great people. They inspire me to be a better person and to spend more time just being ‘quiet.’

Speaking of Kendall, she comes TOMORROW MORNING! I’m so excited to have her here and I have so much planned for our time together 🙂 She’s going to be exhausted!

—Meg Taylor

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