Kendall’s Visit Day 1: NYC From Fresh Eyes, #sisterstakeNYC

Greetings from the city that makes your feet hurt, AKA New York, New York. Meaghan decided to let me write a blog post and take over for the night (cue evil laughter). So I, Kendall Renee O’Connor, have decided to enrich your night/evening/morning with my beautiful words.

Alright, so I’ve never been to NYC before – so today was a whirlwind. I woke up to my dad telling me to get my butt out of bed and not fall back asleep at 4 am. I couldn’t sleep the night before thanks to nerves and such, ya know, the works… Well anyways, after I decided I didn’t want to die from exhaustion and pass out on any comfy surface, I boarded my plane and arrived in NYC at 8 am. I had a car service pick me up and bring me into the city. It was an experience to say the least. I couldn’t really understand the man that was driving me and I couldn’t pronounce his first name so I just kind of mumbled sure’s and yes’s whenever he asked me anything. Probably not a smart thing but it got me where I needed to go, so no complaints here!

We walked EVERYWHERE today. My feet have decided to run off on their own and not be connected to my body anymore. Just kidding guys, they’re there but they just hate me. The first thing Meaghan and I did was hop on the subway (my first time ever) and go to some theater … name forgotten at the moment. Regardless, we got some tickets for Mamma Mia on Broadway! We also got to have lunch at Bouchon Bakery right by the Today Show studio {added by Meaghan}.

I’ve got to say I’m quite proud of the amount of shopping I was able to sustain today. We went to about any trendy shop that you can think of. We both made out with some great new clothes and I can honestly say I’m excited to wake up tomorrow because I can’t wait to pick out my outfit. Judge me, YOLO.

At about 2 pm (when I was dying from heat exhaustion), Meaghan made me walk about 4,738,478,327,489,237 blocks to a food truck that some of her fellow interns were working. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that long, but still. It felt like it. Food Network Magazine was promoting Clinique’s new line of “Chubby Sticks.” I ended up buying a brand new lip balm that’s bright pink and can happily say that it was one of my favorite purchases of the day. After, we got free popsicles at the truck! On a day like today, nothing was better.

After we went back to the apartment (I showered and got all pretty 🙂 ), we ate dinner at a little Italian café. I had some delicious spaghetti and Meaghan had a panini. It was delicious cute, and perfect. We were both part of the clean plate club tonight. Nom nom nom.

Mamma Mia was cute and very 70’s. I had trouble focusing on the show, however, because the woman to the left of me decided to rub her arm against my arm for a good portion of the show. I ended up putting my Playbill between our arms… a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. The funniest part of the whole show was when the priest came out wearing waist high cargo shorts. I’m not really sure why we thought it was so funny but we were both on the verge of tears. It was probably only funny because nothing else in the show was really funny.

We roamed around the city for a little while after that. Meaghan took me to Times Square which is impressingly beautiful and nothing like I’ve ever seen at night. Nothing quite like standing there and watching all the lights, sounds, and colors all around you. We even got on the jumbo screen! We got a little too excited when that happened … not gonna lie.

Okay, well I’m exhausted. Time to eat Pringles, read some Fifty Shades of Gray and call it a night.  Until next time nuggets. ❤


One thought on “Kendall’s Visit Day 1: NYC From Fresh Eyes, #sisterstakeNYC

  1. I'm so happy for the both of you! There's nothing like spending time with your sister in a city that's very impressive. I've been reading so many posts about your NYC stay (Meaghan) and I'm so jealous. It looks like you're having the time of your life and keeping busy and learning a lot. Kendall, enjoy this experience while you can! It's nice having your own personal tour guide 🙂


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