Free Ice Pops, A Gourmet Breakfast in Soho, and LOTTERY Tickets for RENT!

The alarm clock went off early this morning!

After a late night at the theater and then coming home to work (Kendall was blogging and I was finishing a homework assignment), we were both definitely feeling a little tired this morning. Even so, we were up and out the door by 9:30 am for my work promotion this morning down in Soho!

How do I look as a Clinique Brand Ambassador for the day?

We gave out free ice pops outside of a Sephora this morning (and all day long) as a partnership between Food Network Magazine and Clinique to promote their new chubby stick lip gloss/balm. It was the great treat for a 90 + degree day!

While I was busy interacting with people in front of our food truck, Kendall snuck into a cute bistro in Soho and bought herself a gourmet ‘Soho Breakfast’ complete with eggs, a croissant, hash browns, fruit and a cappuccino.

I was super jealous.

I finished up around 11:30, while Kendall was roaming in Forever 21 – she loved the trendy shops in the area – and then we took the subway back up to the apartment! I caught her getting a little lost down in the subway terminal 😉

After a little downtime to regroup in the apartment, we left for my class at 2 pm. Kendall got the privilege of sitting in on her first college class! I’m sure she loved it … especially when the professor asked her what her final video project will be.

We left class around 4 pm – on a mission to find another fun activity for our Thursday night! We rode the subway up to Times Square again and decided to to put our name in for RENT Off-Broadway lottery tickets. When I say Off-Broadway, I don’t mean amateur. These people are incredible.

We ended up winning the tickets and got to sit in the front row (SO intense) for only 25$! You just can’t beat the discount tickets.

Before the show started, we grabbed dinner at a cute outdoor burger restaurant. Thankfully, the heat settled down a little bit. I ordered a GREAT veggie burger and Kendall got the Deluxe BLT with french fries. We were both happy members of the clean plate club, once again 🙂

The show was beyond words. Seriously, I can’t even tell you how blown away I was by how talented these people were. Kendall and I walked out of the show – our ears still ringing – in complete awe.

Go see it. I beg of you.

Well, it’s off to bed for us – we’re actually getting up in a few, short hours to go see Kenny Chesney on the Today Show! Look for us in the audience!

—Meg Taylor

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