So Many Split Second Decisions, A Coney Island Experience, and the Show That Never Gets Old (WICKED!)

Whew … we did a lot today. And I even feel like a lot is an understatement. I can’t tell if I am the one dragging my sister along or if she’s dragging me – I think it’s a little of both. 🙂
We once again got home late last night from a show, and set our alarm to wake up at 4 am to get ready for the Today Show Concert Series : Kenny Chesney on Rockefeller Plaza! We ended up sleeping a little bit later, but still made it to the plaza by 5 am. It helped that our cab got every single green light possible and that there weren’t many other cars on the road. Hooray for Kendall’s first (and last, so she says) Today Show experience! I’m a seasoned veteran by now. 😉

Kendall got way more excited to see Matt, Al, and Ann than she did to see Kenny Chesney. Al even did the weather from a super tall platform above the crowd!

Kenny was great – a lot of ”Summer Time” songs and a lot of country fans in the audience. It was a fun summer concert, to say the least! Kendall and I just wished he would have come out earlier – they made us wait until 8:30 am after we’d been waiting all morning!

The following pictures are of Kendall and various TV talk show personalities … please note how attractive the back of her head is 🙂 Ann touched Kendall and even talked a little with her – she was beaming!

The Today Show never gets old for me. Maybe because I’m a morning person … or I just love morning television?

So this is where the day gets extra fun. We got on the subway to come home from the Today Show, and Kendall noticed that it was the same subway that went all the way to Coney Island – and told me we weren’t getting off until we got there. So off we went to Coney Island on a whim – this is our ‘look how spontaneous’ picture we took after a split-second decision.

Kendall is kind of a pro at the subway now. She rides standing up … ohh ahh… 🙂

We were both surprised to see that the beach and the boardwalk were decent quality – way better than we expected! We were bummed we didn’t bring any towels to lay out in the sun … probably a good thing though, we got enough sun from moving from ride to ride all afternoon! HELLO ocean!

I love how Kendall gets roped into all the games … takes after her father that way. 🙂 We actually both popped a balloon in this game!

So this is about how I feel writing this post right now, but it was also how I felt waiting for the park to open around noon. We had some free time to kill and the lack of sleep (and zero coffee) definitely caught up with me. I was truly sleeping in this photo – no staging at all!

It was hot. We drank a lot of pop. I liked my Nathan’s cup.

Kendall is proud of the fishies she’ll be bringing home to the puppy … hard work went into winning those things! We also wound up with a dog and some other neon yellow animal. I felt funny carrying them in my bag on the train home.

We ran out of ride credits just as it started to POUR and STORM – so we high-tailed it back to the subway station and made our way back to the apartment! Kendall decided to take a short nap while I desperately needed a shower to cool/clean me off. I decided the sleep could wait for later tonight.

We were off at 5:30 to Times Square for yet another attempt at rush tickets – this time for Wicked. The only catch was, we got there half an hour after the drawing was open and about a minute too late to enter. So once again, after a few short minutes of debate and walking up and away from the window, we made the split-second decision to buy tickets right at the box office! They only had a few seats left for the lowest price (still a decent deal and great seats in the side mezzanine), so we ended up sitting one right in front of the other for the show. We both almost started crying when we got our tickets. That’s how much we love the show.

Wow, I’m off to bed. I can’t wait to actually get a full night of sleep. Kendall and I are sleeping in (just a little bit) tomorrow and then we are off to brunch and to do more exploring. We’ll probably hang out in Central Park if the weather cooperates for her LAST DAY. 😦

See you tomorrow!

—Meg Taylor

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