Union Square Zucchini Bread, Dreaming at the Central Park Boathouse and the BEST Show All Week!

Haiiiii guys! Did ya miss me? It’s Kendall …

Today was my last day in NYC, sadly. It honestly has been such an amazing experience to be here and to be able to spend time somewhere I’ve never been before. Not to mention I got to spend it with an amazing sister who put up with me for 4 days straight; I feel bad for her. I am seriously, head to toes, blessed!

Today we slept in (thank you Lord), and then went out to find a cute place to eat brunch at. We ended up stopping and Megs and I ate some yummy breakfast. Unfortunately I failed to be a part of the clean plate club this morning… such a disgrace, I know! Don’t remind me ):

After, we stopped by an adorable farmers market! I even got a little slice of home by buying some zucchini and banana bread! They didn’t last very long, however. They soon found their new home right in my belly.

We then went up to the west city of the city where we walked along the Huron River and went into Chelsea Market. It, being a Saturday afternoon, was PACKED. Yet, it was exciting to see all the shops and cool places! When we were walking near the water, I was lucky enough to come by a crepe stand. I bought a strawberry crepe.

Best decision I EVER made.

Trust me.

Seriously though, it was amazing.


Anyways, next we went to Times Square to explore and to try and find the cheapest tickets we could for a show tonight. Along the way, I even got to meet the naked cowboy! Most awkward experience of my life. Don’t even want to talk about it cause it makes me awkward.

We might be Broadway addicts. It’s an expensive addiction, but such a rewarding one! After walking from theater to theater (and evading a sketchy street vendor who wanted to sell tickets to us … it was sketchy) we decided to get Phantom of the Opera tickets! Meaghan thought it was going to be so-so, but I was beyond excited! Like so excited I was dancing and signing in the streets and Meaghan was embarrassed and told me to stop being so excited.

We went to central park next, which was just absolutely BEA-uuuuuuuuu-tiful. It’s almost like you escape from the city and enter into somewhere that seems miles away! I especially liked seeing all the guys running around shirtless … but don’t tell my boyfriend that. Errr… Hi Colton! Miss you! (:

The park has some spectacular scenery (boys included) and I thought Meaghan was going to cry when she saw the Loeb Boathouse. She started singing songs from the movie Enchanted… what’s up with our family and randomly bursting into song? But really, it was amazing. It was about 5PM so we decided to sit down under a tree and read for a bit.

Shortly after we grabbed dinner at the boathouse café and walked over to the scenic view of the lake and boathouse and the fountain! It was kind of like a dream but with people still running into you trying to get somewhere quick. Meaghan was mesmerized, as was I. {She even took pictures of several brides getting their pictures taken … uh-oh.}

Honestly, not enough words to describe the beauty.

We then walked back to Times Square and chillaxed (that’s a word because I said so), & waited until the show started.

Phantom of the Opera turned out to be the best show I have ever seen. The talent was indescribable, the set was unmatchable and the costumes were exquisite. We were both blown away and happy campers!

I’m sad to leave but these past 4 days have really put everything in perspective. I’m so lucky to have a sister who will willingly truck around a moody 17-year-old who complains every 10 seconds about her feet hurting. Megs, you’re the best older sister I could ever ask for. Maybe someday we’ll take this city by storm together. Unlimited! Together we’ll be the greatest team there’s ever been.

XOXO Gossip Kendall

P.S. Totes forgot to say LOVE YAAAAAA ❤


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