Saying Goodbye … But Hello to a New Chapter (& New Books!)

If I had to choose a heaven on Earth, it’d look just like this.
The magazine aisle at Barnes and Noble.
It does wonders for my soul.
This morning I had to say goodbye to Kendall … I have to say it was weird to see her driving off in a car on the way to the airport. I walked back up to my apartment and just kind of stood there, not really knowing what to do with myself for a second. It’s funny – you get used to being with somebody 24-7 and you kind of lose your sense of self for a brief moment.
After collecting myself, and realizing that I do actually have a life here, I convinced myself that it was time to do laundry. 
Exciting Sunday morning, I know. I’ve been watching the pile build for a while now and thought it might be nice to have clothes to wear to work tomorrow!
After laundry and a late breakfast, it was time to walk to church. I decided to walk because it was such a nice day out – until I made it to Broadway and ran into the Pride Parade. After several policemen told me that I’d have to walk 10 blocks before crossing, I thought it may be faster to ride the subway.
Church was great this morning – awesome worship as per usual, and a good sermon on ‘becoming a courageous woman of God.’ I have to say … it did make me re-evaluate things a little bit. I think I’m going to work on becoming stronger and more confident in who God made me to be this week. We even got free goodie bags at the end of the service for a Newcomer’s Reception!
I went straight from church to the video lab, where I worked on my project until about 6:30 pm. I’m happy to say that I finally got my professor’s approval on the final copy – so it’s published and waiting for our LIVE webcast on Thursday night! (Message/email me for more details)

So, exciting news … I’m done with my projects for my NYU class! I just have two class sessions left, in which we will probably do some in-class exercises but nothing too challenging. I can’t believe I’m almost half-way through the summer already!! Where is it going??
To reward myself for finishing, I took a nice long walk after dinner and ended up down in Union Square. 

Conveniently, I walked right past the Barnes and Noble – which happened to be calling my name 🙂

My entire family will tell you that I’m a bit obsessed with Barnes and Noble. And they’re right. I love it. I could spend an entire day there. Tonight I came across a new Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book (the main characters are all adults!), so naturally I had to buy it. I was looking for stationary to use for a few thank you notes, so I went through the entire collection and ended up with a nice set. I also bought a book on freelancing – just because I thought it’d be extremely useful upon graduation, while I’m looking for something more permanent. Well that, and the cover was just so cute.

Bed time soon … I’m just finishing my night with a little journal action (thanks, Kendall!) and a cup of decaf coffee.

Work in the AM!
—Meg Taylor

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