Grill Smokers, Kate Spade Temptations and a Failed Attempt to Find New Shoes

Brace yourself … exactly what I tell myself every Tuesday/Thursday morning when I know it’s going to be a long day.

For some reason, I woke up early this morning because I couldn’t sleep. Good thing I’m a morning person! I just had a little extra time to sip my coffee and made it to work a little earlier than usual. Nothing wrong with that if you ask me 🙂

Although I don’t have a full picture (I left too early and the roommate was still sleeping), I went with a simple black skirt/white top combo. Since it was supposed to be a little chilly, I completed the outfit with a blue & gold pashmina scarf. Something about a scarf always brightens an outfit!

Work this morning was great – Tuesdays are always a little hectic. We start the morning with a status meeting for the entire Marketing team. I printed and stapled a bunch of copies of our marketing reports before the meeting and had them sitting nicely on the conference table when my boss got in this morning.

Some may say I try too hard …  I say the little things go a long way.

The meeting is a general run-through of everything going on in the marketing department, broken down by individual staff member projects. It’s cool to hear about things from start to finish – and to hear bits and pieces about the October and November issues!

After the meeting, the other interns and I tied 50 ‘mailer tags’ to a bunch of adorable, gourmet grill smokers that we are sending to a bunch of clients. We got to bond over a little light conversation while we were hard at work.

After doing a little more work with the cupcake orders I’ve been handling, I left the office around noon. I stopped at the post office in Columbus Circle to pick up mail for She’s the First (I’ll be at the office tomorrow!), and then made my way to the Times Square area to run another errand.

I made it home in time to grab my stuff and head right to class.

Alright, I did make a little pit stop on the way … Kate Spade was calling my name and I’ve needed a new iPhone case for a while now (ever since I got pen ink all over my purple one). I treated myself to a new case, and found out that they offer a student discount! Yay for being a broke college kid 🙂

Class was very low-key. I turned in my video equipment and then we did a general recap of the class, ran through guidelines for final projects (mine are DONE!), and then finished with pizza and chocolate. After we ate, everyone went up to the video lab to work on their projects … I got to leave early!

I stopped in a few shoe stores on my way home hoping to find comfortable walking sandals. It is something I am severely lacking and would be such a relief to my poor feet. I made my way down to the Village, but unfortunately did not bring any shoes home with me.

After a quick dinner, I made my way to to Central Park for Tuesday night small group! I am really starting to like the discussion (and quiet time I give myself before the group begins). Today we talked about faith in terms of the elements of a story: climax, conflict and resolution. We’re discussing the book Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller – I reccommend it if you’ve never read it!

I have an exciting meeting planned for tomorrow morning and then a full day at She’s the First. Stay tuned!

—Meg Taylor

One thought on “Grill Smokers, Kate Spade Temptations and a Failed Attempt to Find New Shoes

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