A Meeting with Chandra Turner at PARENTS, an Afternoon at She’s the First HQ, a Mushroom Veggie Burger, and NEW SHOES!


Especially fun Wednesdays full of time with great people and new friends šŸ™‚

I woke up this morning with plenty of time to relax and enjoy my coffee before I went up to the Grand Central area to visit Chandra Turner, the Executive Editor at Parents Magazine and the Founder and President of Ed2010 (the incredibly generous organization that awarded me a summer trust fund for my summer in NYC).

I got there a little early, so I camped out in the McDonald’s across the street and bought a nice, big coffee.

Because one cup is never enough.

That’s the only thing I will EVER buy off the McDonald’s menu. To be honest, the place kind of freaks me out.

Parents Magazine is part of Meredith Corp. so I got a nice little peak inside another magazine HQ. I think I snuck past the security guard (unintentionally, I swear!) because Chandra was a little confused as to how I got in so easily. It’s different from Hearst in the fact that you can definitely tell that it’s centered on lifestyle/health/family brands. The offices look quite similar, however. I guess a cubicle is a cubicle any way you look at it šŸ™‚

Chandra had incredible advice and insight for me – and it’s nice to know that I’ll forever be a part of the Ed2010 family. It’s such a dedicated, passionate and talented group of magazine professionals and aspiring professionals. The main thing I took away from our meeting was that it’s important to figure out what area of writing and magazines I’m interested in – and to CHASE it as hard as I can. I’ve got to show employers what makes me the RIGHT candidate for the job, not just that I’m qualified.

So thanks Chandra, you’re truly inspiring.

After the meeting, it was time to head to She’s the First HQ! I was greeted by Tammy (who always brightens my day) and Tehrene (I have a feeling we’re going to be good friends – we’re so similar). We had an awesome afternoon – full of laughs and great conversation. I worked on a PowerPoint for a summer craft we are developing for the She’s the First co-sponsored summer camp in NYC – the campers will be making magazine beads!

I also updated the Pinterest page with a few new pins and scoured Freecycle for free, donated office furniture. No luck securing anything, but I’ll be on the look out the next few days!

Around 5 pm, I left the office just as Monique Coleman stopped by – so fun seeing her pop in and say hi šŸ™‚ I met Sara and Gianna for dinner at The Shake Shack in Madison Square Park (my first visit ever!). I ordered the ‘shroom burger (veggie burger stuffed with cheese) because they were out of the chicken and sage sausage. It was so great! I don’t know how healthy it was … but I guess that’s not the point when you go there.

It was also nice to eat outside with summer concert music playing in the background. It was fun to catch up with Sara (neighbor from my childhood home) and Gianna (alpha chi sister at Michigan) – who are both interning for the same company this summer! It’s such a small world.

After dinner, I made my way to Macy’s in Herald Square to see if I could find comfortable, cute walking shoes. Thankfully, after an hour and a half, I found a pair that works wonders. They are brown sandals with pretty thick bottoms so they’ll be great to walk around it. I got a pair in teal as well, just because I know I’ll be wearing them quite often.

I made the long, relaxing trek home and decided to dive into the blog post for the day. Tomorrow is a long day as well – work in the morning and then my LAST class at night! For those of you interested/or if you don’t have anything to do tomorrow night … we’ll be doing a LIVE WEBCAST as part of our final news project. All of the students will be showing and talking about our news stories just like a real news show! The show starts at 7 pm and you can watch it from this address – (http://2012.nyuvillagebeat.org/live-webcast). Give me a shout-out if you actually end up watching!

—Meg Taylor

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