New Intern Projects (More Pinterest Updates!), and the Whirlwind of a LIVE News Webcast

And that’s a wrap for summer school – it’s been an interesting 6 weeks, that’s for sure. I can say that I was frustrated at times, laughed a lot, came close to tears, bonded with other students, and ultimately came out of my ‘NYC shell’ a little bit more than when I arrived. All positive things.

I’m thankful for everything the past 6 weeks taught me. I think I’m a better journalist and writer because of it.

Can you believe I’ve been here 6 weeks already?! NO! Time STOP!

This morning I got up early (morning jitters?) and left for work around 7:30. I always find it more relaxing when I give myself plenty of time and don’t have to fight the morning crowds. Around 8, the subway is hopping and people will push you into walls to get where they need to go. A half hour can really make all the difference.

I went with polka dots and a white lace skirt today. Since I was early, my roommate was still sleeping when I left. She leaves on Saturday morning – seems like we just moved in together!

I spent the morning at the office coordinating more cupcake deliveries, researching for a new branch of my project (a ‘college themed’ topic that fits in easily with Pinterest) and learning about a new project we are starting – with a bit of a rush! This project has a deadline of July 16th and the rep chose me as the intern to spearhead the data collection, gather and edit it all! AH!

We are creating an updated New York City Dining & Drinking Guide and are getting restaurant recommendations from all across the office and even from people at the network! Look out for a published PDF copy in the next few weeks.

After coordinating a few more shipments and snacking on a fruit/granola parfait from Cafe 57, I left the office a little later today around 3 pm. I didn’t have to be at class/the studio until 4:30 since our show wasn’t scheduled until 7 pm.

Now here’s the fun part! This is your backstage pass to the making of our LIVE webcast from tonight at the studio. No worries if you missed it, it’ll be on Vimeo shortly and I’ll post the link ASAP. Aside from the fact that the studio is FREEZING, it was actually a lot of fun to shoot and watch the whole thing come together. I didn’t do too much, but I was in charge of pressing the ‘GO LIVE’ button. Talk about intimidating.

Before taping, we had a quick food fest in the production and storyboard planning room.

Our wonderful anchor (and broadcast star in the making) did an incredible job hosting the entire thing.

We surprised our professor after we wrapped with one of his all-time favorite drinks and a card. He did so much for us this semester and put in so much time/effort. He truly went so much further than he ever had to and we were all so thankful for the experience.

We finished with a group photo! What a great looking bunch of new broadcast pros 🙂

Tomorrow is a full day at the office and then I desperately need to go grocery shopping after I’m done. Not too much on the horizon for the weekend – probably just catching my breath and then volunteering all morning/afternoon at church! I’m working with the cute preschool kiddos!

—Meg Taylor

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