Sell Sheet Projects, a New Obsession at Cafe 57, and Fun Weekend Plans in Brooklyn!

Work was great today … and super busy! (Funny, seeing as how there were really only about 10 people max in the office). Fortunately, that means I have a lot of good commentary for you. Unfortunately, that means the photos are rather limited.

But that’s okay, because I have a feeling tomorrow will be a very colorful post – in more ways than one!

I woke up wanting to wear my new, sale/clearance/super-bargain top I got at Gap the other day. I’m talking already marked down and then an additional 40% off that. It’s a great summery, business top and goes well with black bottoms. The office is always a bit chilly, so I felt perfectly comfortable wearing the black crops.

It wasn’t too hot when I left for work – but temps did SOAR by mid-afternoon. Apparently almost the entire country is under some kind of heat wave. On an after-work phone call, my mom mentioned the excruciating heat in Michigan as well.

I started the morning doing a little more research for our Dining and Drinking guide project. That didn’t last too long, however, because I quickly got handed a huge sell sheet project. I got to use some of my creative juices for this one. I designed three different sheets (using a template and lots of fun food images from past issues that are all on our server) to reflect ad options we are selling for our October issue. After a few drafts, I finally got a great copy and impressed my reps with how quickly I got them my finished product. ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, so I have to tell you about a little obsession I’ve developed. Last week, I got the yogurt, blueberry and granola parfait for lunch from the Hearst Tower Cafe and really enjoyed it. I went back the next day to get the same thing (yes, I’m a girl of routine), but they had already closed the cooler in preparation for lunch. So, lucky enough, they still had the ‘make your own parfait’ section open and I was able to make the exact same thing myself. I’m telling you … this yogurt and granola is unreal.

Perfection. Heavenly. The perfect combination. Melt in your mouth. Just imagine something so creamy and sweet (it’s got a touch of honey), but still crunchy.

I’m being serious.

Someone is going to have to physically stop me from getting it everyday.

After I enjoyed my late breakfast/early lunch, I got back to work on my project and more research. Later in the afternoon, I started working on a ‘portfolio’ of sorts that will document everything I do while I’m at my internship this summer. I love this kind of creative stuff – and making booklets in the office ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s so fun to see things accumulate as I complete and help with projects!

Just as I finished, our publisher invited me and the sales intern to an afternoon meeting with the editorial department. We got to sit in the back as they ran through the entire next issue (cover to cover) and did final approval of the ads and creative content. The publisher showed us the ‘BOOK’ that has all of the drafted pages put together in a big binder (yes, just like in The Devil Wears Prada!). At the end of the meeting, the publisher introduced me to one of my absolute idols: Maile Carpenter, the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of Food Network Magazine.ย 

I was pretty much speechless, but still composed. She had a really firm handshake – I hope I wasn’t too weak! ๐Ÿ™‚

After the meeting, I whipped together a gift for an Ad Rep at Food Network – like the packaging mom? It’s so fun to do this kind of stuff everyday.

Toward the end of the afternoon, as everyone was leaving early for their weekend plans, I left the office around 5 pm.

I decided to walk home after work today (good decision or not, I’m still deciding) – but it was SUPER hot. And I forgot that I was wearing black pants. It was a nice walk though, lots of great people watching and I made it a little over 2.5 miles in under an hour.

I was sweating and ready for a rest when I got back to the apartment! After contemplating what I wanted to do with my night (I was going to go out and explore), I decided to stay in an relax. I’ve had a busy week and I really just need some down time. I’ve enjoyed an episode of One Tree Hill and some time on the Internet.

I also figured out what I’ll be doing tomorrow – making my first trip to Brooklyn for an event with the Cooking Channel! It’s a pop-up called the Cooking Channel Summer Eats right by the Brooklyn Farmers Market. I’m going to sleep in, but that’s where I’m headed in the afternoon. I’ll meet a friend of mine there who is also a Food Network-TV intern.

(Hopefully) I’ll get to see these three stars there!

G. Garvin, Eden Grinshpan and Baron Ambrosia – awesome foodies and more of my role models!

It’s going to be another HOT one tomorrow!

—Meg Taylor

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