A Not-So-Lazy Saturday, A Trip to Brooklyn and Ready for Bed!

Funny story. I almost fell asleep tonight before I wrote my post for the day.

I actually laid down around 8 pm and set my alarm for 9 pm … just in case I let myself drift to sleep … and I actually did start sleeping! I guess I was a lot more tired than I anticipated from today’s activities!

It was an early morning because my roommate got up and started packing up all of her stuff in the room. Naturally, I couldn’t really sleep through it and thought it better just to get up and see her off.

Sad thing is, she didn’t end up leaving until noon so I didn’t really have to get up that early to begin with. Oh well. I had my coffee so I was happy.

Around 11 am, I left for an adventure to Brooklyn! I walked all the way east to the river (thinking that the bridge I was going to cross started near the river) and then down about 2 miles south of the East Village. I passed through the riverfront park on my way there and happily strolled in the shade. It was so hot today … like everywhere else, it seems. I was dripping in sweat. I did get several good shots of the Williamsburg Bridge though- the bridge that I wanted to walk across!

When I got to the bridge (still on the river), I found out that the entrance to the bridge was about a mile inland … so I trekked a little more. I finally made it and started my journey across!

The bridge is about 1.4 miles across – but it went by pretty fast and I took a few photo breaks and rests in the shade.

Once across, I trekked about another 2 miles to the Brooklyn Flea. I walked through a few cute areas in Brooklyn on my way there. Note to self – do a restaurant tour of Brooklyn sometime in the near future!

I stopped at an indoor flea market on the way.

The outdoor market, right by the river, was INCREDIBLE! The food options were endless … from pigs in a blanket to PB & J pop tarts, to ice cream sandwiches and BBQ pulled pork. Anything you wanted, you could probably find at one of the food tents put up by local vendors. (Kind of like mini pop up restaurants!)

I also swung by the Cooking Channel Eats area briefly … only to find out that all guests had to be 21. Seriously, being young ruins all my fun. I’m finding it to be quite the challenge in terms of having a social life.

I saw these two talking on camera, and although I didn’t know who they were, they looked important and had a camera crew following them. So I snapped a picture. Any guesses?

I made my way back to the subway and stopped at this Vitamin Water truck on my way – they were giving out free bottles of the new flavor! (Pineapple coconut or something like that?) It was perfect for an incredibly hot day. Smart marketing, I tell you.

I got back and crashed for a while at the apartment (I’m the only one here right now – weird!). I did a little more research for a work project until I got burned out and decided to take a trip to the grocery store. I have a love/hate relationship with the grocery store … everything is SO expensive here!

Up early in the A.M. for a full day at church – I get to volunteer for the first time!

—Meg Taylor

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