Tweeting All Day and Fun Brownie Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate/Raspberry M & M’s

Whew- a late post after a long day today!

I just can’t quite seem to get a good night’s sleep here … I always wake up around 5, then 5:30, 6, you get the picture. Once the sun is up, it won’t let me sleep in peace.

Once I did get out of bed and dressed, I decided on a simple black dress and gray sweater combo. I love dressing outfits up with statement necklaces. This one’s one of my favorites.

I always pause before I walk into work every morning and take a second to realize how truly blessed I am. This place is beautiful. So much opportunity and promise. So much of what I love all in one building. Seriously, I think this is what paradise looks like.

Call me a nerd, but I really do love work.

I started the morning with more research for our NYC restaurant project. I’m in charge of collecting all of the submissions from our staff and the staff at Food Network (on-air), so it’s going to get a little crazy tomorrow with emails and phone calls. Here goes nothing!

We also had three client account review meetings throughout the day, which all of the interns got to sit in on. It was cool to hear how the marketing and sales teams are working together to develop a unique proposal for each client. I guess I wasn’t really aware of how much effort and planning goes into ad development, ad placement and marketing strategy. Next time I’m looking through a magazine, I’ll probably skip all of the edit and just read the ads! (Just kidding, but I will pay WAY more attention to them).

We’ve got some AWESOME holiday programs in the works that I can’t wait to see in a few short months!

I also got assigned several Twitter projects – developing Tweets that drive followers to Pinterest for one client and tweeting for another client (an already established program). It’s kind of fun to be on Twitter at work šŸ™‚

Later, I ordered a bunch of ice cream goodies from (who knows what we’ll do with them) and started on another one of our huge projects. We are developing a useful tool for the marketing team to use during proposals and presentations – it’s going to take quite a while to put together, but it should be a major help to the entire team!

After I left work, I stopped at T.J. Maxx to buy a sheet set for a window covering – I hope this will help with the sun issue a little bit! I got home, made a quick dinner, and then decided to pop down to the gym for a quick treadmill session (how I still had energy, I have no idea).

The night continues … in between watching The Bachelorette and moving my furniture around, I made cupcakes for a bake sale at the She’s the First office we’re hosting all week. More details on this to come tomorrow – but I can’t wait to bring my brownie cupcakes with chocolate frosting and dark chocolate/raspberry m & m toppings šŸ™‚ They’re even (kind of) She’s the First colors!

In other exciting news, I heard there’s going to be some kind of TV crew at the Bake Sale tomorrow … hmmmm šŸ™‚

—Meg Taylor

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