Winning the Lottery on the Fourth of July (Okay, Just Broadway), and MACY’S FIREWORKS on the River!

Happy Fourth of July!

It was so weird being away from home this year (and the family, the cottage, and the lake in Michigan), but it was still a good day nonetheless. I had plans to go to the beach this morning, but after my friends heard of potential storms later in the afternoon, they bailed pretty quickly. Quite honestly, it was probably for the better because it was SO hot today that I might have physically melted on the beach. Plus, me being in the sun for that long is just skin cancer knocking on the door.

I got antsy around 11 am, after I had already gotten dressed/undressed for the beach, and left for a little wandering. I wanted to see if it was really true that the city was deserted on the Fourth. I guess it was a little emptier, but it still seemed pretty crowded to me …

I ended up in the Times Square area, and was trying to look for cheap matinee tickets, when I stumbled on the lottery line for Ghost the Musical tickets. I was actually the last one to put my name in at 11:59 – the drawing was at noon! They were pretty cheap ($25, front row) so I thought I’d at least give it a try to see what happened. I wasn’t really that confident though, because there were about 100 other people in the drawing (weird for the holiday?).

And here’s where the magic happened: I actually got called! I was the last name pulled with only one ticket left (fate?). I was happy to spend my holiday in the air conditioning at another Broadway show 🙂

I spent about an hour at Starbucks with an iced coffee before the show started at 2 pm. I ended up sitting next to a girl about my age during the show, which was fun because we were both pretty much drooling over the male lead the entire time.

The show itself was INCREDIBLE. Seriously, I may say this after every show … but I think it’s pretty hard to top this one. The special effects were out of this world. Think people flying all over the place, actors mysteriously going through doors, 3-D backdrops, and stunt doubles popping up out of nowhere. I highly recommend it if you want to be impressed. That, and the vocals were unbelievable. Crazy good. And the actors weren’t bad to look at either. 🙂

Okay, enough PR.

After the show, I made it back to the apartment to pick up a few quick things before I met a friend at the Hudson River! It was both of our first times watching the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks display. We sat next the river (taking advantage of the nice breeze) for a few hours before the show started at about 9:15 pm.

Again to compliment the producers, these were the most impressive fireworks I have ever seen. We were fortunate enough to be in a spot on the river to see all four barges shooting them off! I honestly can’t believe how they can keep fireworks in sync like that … or how they can make hearts and smiley faces out of chemicals. I was blown away. A million thumbs up for Macy’s!

The walk home, however, was not as fun. It was still SO hot, and the combination of too many people who didn’t know where they were going and the feeling of stickiness was almost unbearable. I just wanted to get home as fast as I could.

Okay, time to catch my breath before bed and then another long day at FN Mag and She’s the First tomorrow! Hope you had a great holiday with friends, family and loved ones.

In fact, I’d love to hear what you did to celebrate today! Leave a comment below and I’ll Tweet/Facebook you back!

—Meg Taylor

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