Inspired by Corporate POWER Women, She’s the First Volunteers, and the Ability to JOG in Central Park!

I had one of those days where you get in bed at night thinking … wow, I really wish this day didn’t have to end. Just one of those days that you realize how lucky you are and how incredible life can be.

Yes, I love those kind of days.

I woke up this morning and decided it was time for polka dots again – to be specific, a blue polka dot skirt and gray top. Getting up in the morning is a lot more enjoyable now that I can have the Today Show quietly playing in the background. I think I’m starting to enjoy the ‘my own room’ scenario. I do miss my roommate so graciously taking my photo every morning though – now I have to settle for these awkward high-angle shots so that you can actually get a peek at the full ensemble!

Work was GREAT this morning! I got to sit in on two meetings with the publisher and members of the marketing staff – just to listen to brainstorm sessions and to get a feel for some of the little things they do every day. I am seriously so impressed by the way our publisher conducts herself and the ideas she comes up with in a matter of seconds. It only took her about 5 minutes to come up with and develop an incredible marketing plan; I just sat there in awe, and (hopefully) made a few insightful, engaging comments. She is truly a power woman at her core. And she has so much pride and dignity in her work (while still remaining humble and so gracious). Some days I beat her into work, but most days she is the first and I’m the second. She never fails to ask me how I’m doing or compliment me on my ‘dedication.’

She gives me plenty of hope for women in the corporate world.

Later in the morning/early afternoon, we had a few meetings to discuss developments for our intern project as well as several other projects in the works. After a quick trip down to the cafeteria for a yogurt parfait (I just can’t help myself), I kept plugging on my restaurant research project (wrapping next week!) until I left around 3 pm.

After I left the Hearst Tower, I made my way back down to 23rd for a meeting at She’s the First HQ. I swear, if I EVER need a smile or a laugh … that’s where I’ll go. These incredible women are all so bright, happy and encouraging! I’m so inspired by all of them everyday. Tonight we had our first meeting to start organizing the ‘XX Summit’ happening in NYC (collaboration project) this October. It’s going to be an ‘un-conference’ for young women and should end up being an incredible event. I’ll have more details as we get further into planning. Right now, I’ve decided to focus on social media and seeing what we can do to make this a VIRAL event!

Letters from the sponsored girls in UGANDA!
Photo Credit: Tammy Tibbetts

I made my way home, grabbed a quick bite to eat and decided to make my way up to Central Park for the evening. Originally the plan was to walk the loop, but for some reason, I decided that I was motivated enough to jog it (with the occasional break for a few photo ops). I ended up running 2.5 miles. Seriously, for those who know me … that’s like a huge, monumental feat.

I don’t run. 

I kind of liked it though.
It made me feel powerful.

Pre-Run …

Post-Run … happy and sweaty!!!

I cooled down (if that was even possible in 85+ degree heat) by the lake. To have a view like this after a jog … seriously, doesn’t get better. I also saw this little guy on my way out. A raccoon in Central Park. He had about 20 people hounding him with cameras like paparazzi – I felt really bad for the poor thing, he looked terrified.

I came home (after walking some of my FAVORITE night spots back to the subway), hopped in the shower, and was ready to blog! If only I always had this much energy …

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! 🙂

—Meg Taylor

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