An Afternoon in Connecticut with the Halpert Family – Relaxing at the Lake and Blueberry Picking!

Short Disclaimer- I wrote this post on the train so please excuse the brevity and grammar 🙂

I woke up this morning EXTREMELY excited to make my way to Grand Central Station around 7 am. I decided yesterday to make a trip to New Canaan, Connecticut to visit one of the greatest girls I know – my sorority big and one of my best friends, Melissa. She’s been abroad in Spain for the last six months and just got back a few weeks ago. I’ve been dying to track her down since she landed back in the states. She invited me out to her aunt’s lake house yesterday, and knowing that time outside the city would be well-appreciated, I happily accepted. I got into Connecticut (my first time!) around 9:15 this morning.

Melissa picked me up at the station and then drove me through the downtown area of New Canaan and to their gorgeous home nearby. It was so charming – exactly what I pictured for the Halpert’s lovely abode.

We left from there with her parents, sister, and her sister’s friend for Bantam (a little over an hour from New Canaan). The drive was easy – it was fun to catch up with Melissa and to hear her many travel stories … and the scenery was incredible!

When we got to Bantam, we stopped at the local bread co. for fresh bread and then at the market for a few lunch items. The town was so quaint – quintessential East Coast living.

The lake house was beautiful as well. So much green and right on the water, it reminded me of our own cottage back in Michigan (which also makes me nostalgic and kind of sad). We laid on the dock for a while and then gradually made our way into the water and to the raft. The temp was great – probably mid-80s. A really nice break from hot city air. It started to sprinkle a little bit as we were getting lunch out, but not enough to keep us inside. If anything, it cooled the air down even more which felt great!

After lunch we decided to go blueberry picking at a local farm. It was so fun and I was lucky enough to take home a bag for breakfast and snacking. (Thanks, Halpert Family!) I think I’ll freeze some of them tonight so I can munch tomorrow.

After we got back from the farm, we relaxed on the porch for a while (we were all exhausted) and then made our way to a neighborhood pot luck for dinner. I tried a few good pasta salads and a chicken spinach wrap- delish! We left shortly after, but stopped at an ice cream shop on our way home. I ordered the vanilla (apparently they make it all in the factory, fresh!) and enjoyed every last bite.

I’m currently on the train making my way back to Grand Central Station- ready for a quick shower and then BED! What a day! 🙂 Another busy one coming up tomorrow, until then!

—Meg Taylor

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