Learning More Life Lessons from Kidz and a POWER Brunch – Plus, I Finally Caught up with Christen Brandt!

Sundays are definitely my favorite day of the week.

Except for when the alarm goes off before 7 am. That’s not so fun.

What was fun, however, was that I woke up early to go to church and volunteer in the kids ministry again! This morning was a little more difficult than last week – we didn’t have too many kids and the craft and concept of the lesson plan turned out to be a little more challenging than we anticipated. You really can’t expect pre-schoolers to listen to you for more than 10 seconds. Some of them are adorable, others are handfuls, but they’re all so beautifully innocent.

The only thing they have on their minds is whether or not they get to go to the park later that day. No over-thinking, no stress, no self-doubt. They simply enjoy everything as it falls into their laps.

I wish life was always that easy.

I do love spending time with Journey Kidz at church. It’s great to know that I’m serving through doing something I LOVE – spending an hour with kids reading, coloring, dancing and singing!

I left church in somewhat of a hurry because I was meeting a great group of women for brunch at noon. We went to a place called Wine 30 – only a few blocks from my neighborhood on 30th. It was an adorable little restaurant with an even cuter back patio. We sat under the fans and enjoyed the sun peeking through (it hadn’t gotten too hot yet).

This brunch was organized by Selena Soo – the founder of S2 Groupe, a PR and marketing consultancy that helps visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors come into the public spotlight. I met her when she stopped by She’s the First HQ last week; we immediately connected over my job at FN Mag and my interest in PR. She then invited me to a wonderful ‘Power Brunch’ (as I call it) with several women she knows in the media industry (as well as one of her interns, Chelsea!).

I sat across the table from Christen Brandt – Tammy’s partner, Director of International Operations at She’s the First, and contributing editor at Glamour Magazine. I’ve been connecting with her via social media for a few weeks now and have heard all about her and her incredible endeavors through Tammy. She also won the Ed2010 Trust Fund back in 2010, so we’re both part of the Trust Fund family! She was beyond sweet and so helpful. I’m so jealous of her recent trip to India — http://www.shesthefirst.org/2012/06/stf-in-india-this-ones-for-the-foodies/

I had an incredible yogurt, granola and fruit parfait. Seriously, I think I’m obsessed with yogurt and granola. I just can’t help it – such a great combo for summer!

I came home from brunch super worn out (must have been the kids) and sat on my bed for a while before I finally decided to make my way down to the gym. I impressed even myself and ran close to 2.7 miles with only a few short breaks. I think I’m finally starting to build up my endurance a little bit! It felt good and I was definitely a bit sweaty 🙂

I came back up to the apartment, made a quick dinner and then settled in to my bed for the rest of the night. All I wanted was a quiet afternoon and night – which is exactly what I got! I got caught up on a lot of little projects; I almost forgot that I still had to blog!

Back to Hearst tomorrow for a full day. We’re on a tight schedule – all of my materials for project #1 are due tomorrow to the creative department, so I feel like it’ll be a long day. Here’s to another week! 🙂

—Meg Taylor

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