Color Coding until the Cows Come Home and an Afternoon in Inspiration Station

I just can’t believe today is the start of another week already! Seriously, they just seem to FLY by. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m just so busy or because the hours just pass quickly in the city. I woke up early, and decided on a black and white polka dot dress from Loft. I enjoyed a quick cup of coffee and finished a few small projects for She’s the First before I left the apartment for work.

The majority of my morning was spent on our restaurant research project. We had to comb through all of the entries and even came up with a few more categories. It took a while, but I do have to say that I’m thankful to have a huge project and something to work on. It feels kind of nice to know that they really rely on and trust us with big things!

We camped out in the Inspiration Station – probably one of the best views of Central Park and Columbus Circle you will ever see in your entire life. The 35th floor is magical, I tell you.

I took a quick lunch break at my desk (still working my way through the Connecticut blueberries!) and enjoyed some yogurt and other fruit as well. I also had a ton of coffee today – I think it was because the office is FREEZING and my body is just so confused with all the different ‘climates.’ Even so, I really do love the coffeemaker we have in the kitchen area. Free flavored coffee all day long … yes, please.

After we consolidated our list (and I printed out the organized spreadsheet in all of its color coded glory), I started to work more our on ‘summer long’ digitial/tablet project. The research is coming along, although it’s hard to do it in bits and pieces while we aren’t working on something else. I did get to draft and send a staff email this afternoon – I loved sounding so professional!

My late afternoon project involved drafting a congrats email to some of our sweepstakes winners. I didn’t get that project finished quite yet, but I’ll be picking it right back up again tomorrow morning! I left the office around 6:30 pm (a little later today) because I had a meeting at 7 in midtown anyway and it wasn’t worth it to go home beforehand.

I walked a few blocks downtown to The Journey Church offices for a meeting/overview about the kidz program. I shadowed the last few weeks and this meeting was the next step (although I’ll only be here for a few more weeks) 😦

I left there around 8 pm and walked all the way home (not too far, although longer than I anticipated). I got home around 8:35 pm and settled in quickly to watch what was left of The Bachelorette and to catch up on emails.

My bed and pillow are calling … hopefully I’ll sleep a little better tonight. I woke up this morening with a pretty stiff neck! Ouch! Fun evening planned tomorrow after a half day at FN Mag!

PS- Have you voted for our good friend, Lindsay Brown, in the Seventeen Pretty Amazing Cover Contest?! She needs YOUR help!

—Meg Taylor

One thought on “Color Coding until the Cows Come Home and an Afternoon in Inspiration Station

  1. Wow, you truly capture the beauty of New York with these snapshots. I'm moving to New York in September so it's been so much fun to read you blog as my daily dose of inspiration.
    Thank you 🙂



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