Moving Along with Summer Projects, and a Trip to a FLOATING Yacht Club

I love it when I sit down on my bed at night and can’t stop smiling.  That’s when you know it was really a good day.

I got up this morning and went with (low and behold) another one of my polka dot dresses. They say a girl looks good in polka dots – well, that’s what Diane Keaton says in ‘Because I Said So’ at least. I can say that I’m enjoying rocking the dots this summer, that’s for sure.

I got to work a little early to wrap up some of my little projects for the day. I kind of like being one of the first ones into the office – it’s cool to switch the lights on and be there as everyone walks in. Yes, I’m the one who always gets everywhere early … no, I’m not ashamed. I wrapped up some lingering excel entries for our restaurant project and also set up the glass board room for our weekly status meeting.

We have marketing status meetings every Tuesday morning with the entire team, and as per usual, it was fun to hear everyone talk about their individual projects. They have some fun events planned this fall (in connection with their popular FN Lounge) as well as several fun promo campaigns. One of the greatest strengths of the FN Mag team is that they love to bounce ideas off each other as well as delegate tasks/work in teams. It’s fun to see such a collaborative, supportive work environment – and makes me feel a little better knowing that life at a big-name magazine extends beyond the computer and cubicle.

The art of working with people hasn’t been lost, quite yet.

After the meeting ended around 11 am, I did a little more data entry as well as more research. I also unpacked boxes full of fun ice cream makers and gift basket supplies from Food Network that we ordered for some kind of sweeps/contest winners. I left the office around 1 pm, feeling good about the little things I accomplished and put behind me. I think we are inching closer to being completely done with the first project! I’m so excited to see it finished – I feel like it’s kind of our baby 🙂

I came home and immediately went to work on a one-sheet for She’s the First – detailing all of our sponsorship opportunities for our Cupcake Bake-Off in November as well as the XX Summit we are hosting in October. I loved using some of my creative juices as well as my new marketing SKILLS! (Hmmm … makes me think about taking Graphic Design classes … ?)

Around 4 pm, I got a quick run on the treadmill in before I got ready for a night of pure adventure and fun. I made my way down to the North Cove Marina in Battery Park and met some She’s the First Volunteers on the dock, where we all got on a little charter boat that took us out on the Hudson River.

The boat made its way to a floating ‘sailboat/yacht’ club right by Ellis Island. FABULOUS views of both the Manhattan skyline (especially after sunset) and the Statue of Liberty. Do I look like I fit in?

I had a great time just relaxing and soaking up some of the ‘river breezes’ with an incredible group of motivated, bright young women. They all inspire me, and remind me everyday why I’m starting to get involved in such an incredible organization and cause. I also got the privilege of meeting a sister – Alpha Chi Omega Chapter in Tennessee! 🙂 It’s been far too long …

Tammy – Thanks for organizing such a great get-together/happy hour. I enjoyed spending time with everyone (outside the city, ha) and especially loved the GORGEOUS setting and views. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend a beautiful evening. You continue to amaze me with all that you do, and how selfless and driven you are. As promised, I hope to bring one of my interns out to the exact same place when I start to make a name for myself … and of course, you’ll be invited too!

Off to sleep – I’ll be up early and then I’m spending the morning at STF HQ 🙂 I’m sure another adventure awaits. I also have something fun planned tomorrow night – stay tuned, it’s a busy week!

—Meg Taylor

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