Testing My Creativity at She’s the First HQ, a New Dunkin’ Obsession, and an Evening at AOL/Huff Post!

Is it really Wednesday night already? Seriously, weeks feel like days here. Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy every night this week! Hopefully I’ll catch some downtime either tomorrow or Friday.

I woke up this morning excited to spend a little extra time in my apartment because I’m not scheduled at FN Mag on Wednesdays. With a little extra energy, I made my way down to the gym (to beat the pre-work crowd) and did a few minutes on the treadmill and bike. I also tested the weight machines out a little; I’m always nervous that I look so weak lifting!

I came back upstairs, got dressed and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a re-run of Boy Meets World. (Thank you ABC Family … pure genius and great morning entertainment). Around 9 am, I made my way to She’s the First HQ for the day!

I started on a few fun projects this morning – a sponsorship deck for our Cupcake Bake-Off and a one-sheet proposal for a BIG potential sponsor! We’re crossing our fingers to land a deal shortly. It could be a great one and looks very promising. 🙂

It was a full house at the office today. We had a new high school volunteer (Shira) and Danielle stopped by for a few hours as well. It’s so fun to see everyone working on their projects and so excited and passionate about what we’re doing. Tehrene was also in the office today; we made plans to go to an event later together!

I went on a little mid-afternoon Dunkin Donuts coffee run (right across the street from the office) … and, unfortunately, discovered their vanilla chai. I’m talking brilliant. Like blow-your-mind good. Try it next time you stop in. Dare I say it rivals Starbucks, and it’s cheaper?!

I left the office around 4 pm and made my way back to the apartment for a little break before I met Tehrene for our event.  I ran into some kind of shoot on my way home, but didn’t have the patience to see what it was. Once I got home, I caught up with some of my new tablet magazines and watched That 70’s Show while I enjoyed a quick dinner.

Around 6,  I met Tehrene at the subway and from there we made our way to the AOL and Huffington Post office for a Women in Media Mentoring Initiative cocktail/networking mixer. The set up was awesome – great space, gorgeous appetizers, a great wine and cheese selection and lots of fun, outgoing women to meet. It’s so inspiring to see a room full of intelligent women ready to make their mark on the world.

Tehrene and I met up with a few other members of the She’s the First family – Shelley Tibbetts (Tammy’s sister) and Elizabeth Stoltz. So many great ladies all in one place. Overall, it was a fun event and we got to mingle with a lot of awesome, passionate women. We even got to take home a free book – after the free appetizers and drinks! Tehrene and I told each other we’ll be scouting our social media feeds for more events like this in the future 🙂

FUN event tomorrow morning that I can’t wait to tell you all about, and then FN Mag, and potentially She’s the First after that! Might as well make the most of every hour, right?

—Meg Taylor

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