Ever Wonder Who Sends Out Congratulatory Magazine Sweepstakes Emails?

I was SO excited to wake up this morning.


I got to visit Columbia University- arguably the most beautiful campus I’ve ever seen (minor disclaimer: I LOVE Michigan, but this was unreal). I also got to spend my morning listening to three incredible, intelligent women from Hearst Magazines speak about why a career in magazine PR is probably one of the most exciting, challenging, rewarding and time-consuming jobs you’ll ever find. Jessica Kleiman, VP PR for Hearst Magazines (the woman I had coffee with last week), invited me to hear her speak at a Graduate Magazine Publishing Seminar at the Columbia Journalism School.

I got there a little early (naturally) so I spent my morning wandering around campus. Something about a college campus in the morning … it’s like pure magic.


I ventured through a pop-up market outside the University arch, and then stood in the area between the library and the commons. I think I must’ve looked completely shell-shocked. It was hard to take it in without falling to the floor. I walked up the stairs to the library and felt like I was a brilliant intellectual in Paris or some other sophisticated place like that.

I grabbed a vanilla cappuccino at a cafe and then made my way into the Journalism School … a program founded by Joseph Pulitzer in 1912 – no big deal. I was also the first one in the room (you weren’t actually surprised were you?), so I had a few minutes to scroll through my iPad digital magazines. I wanted to make sure I was well-versed before the presentation.

Jessica, Holly and Jill (all members of the Hearst PR team) presented the ’10 Essential Truths of Magazine PR.’ It was great to see some of their creative endeavors (some of which I had already seen from Jessica’s presentation at Michigan) as well as how proud they were of the company they worked for. Despite all the naysayers, they are all confident that magazines are here to stay…. and that we’re in for an exciting couple of years in the digital publishing space. I was also the first one to ask a question after the presentation … proud?

“Print magazines aren’t going anywhere. As long as you’ve got a solid idea, it doesn’t matter the medium. Find something good, and it’ll stick. People will pay.”

-Jessica Kleiman
I have already learned so much from Jessica’s drive and determination. She’s convinced me that I might just have what it takes to make it here 🙂
After the panel ended, I hopped on the subway to Columbus Circle for a long afternoon at Food Network Magazine. I didn’t know it, but the office is pretty much closed tomorrow, so we had to pack a TON of stuff into one afternoon instead of two. I was happily and radiantly busy all day.
I started the day finalizing two sections of my research on digital magazines (one more to go for the rough draft). I then helped with more restaurant research until late afternoon. I also shipped a few huge packages and helped with other small stuff around the office.
Cool fun fact! Ever wonder who emails you when you win a contest in a magazine?!
That was ME today! WOOHOO!
I sent a month’s worth of emails to all of our contest winners. It was so fun to see happy responses from people who said I made their day!
I left the office around 6:30 pm, came home and cooked dinner, and then decided I wanted a little quiet time … outside the apartment. I walked all the way over to Chelsea Waterside Park (a little over 2 miles), sat by the river with my bible, and watched the sunset. Yes, I know I’m a bit cheesy, but it really does do wonders for the soul.

I’ve got a fun day scheduled for tomorrow! (Leave it to me to find plans for my day off). Check back soon!
—Meg Taylor

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