Corrine is in Town – So Why Not Go to Connecticut?

First of all, I apologize for the late/brief post. I spent the day with a friend of mine from high school in Michigan (Corrine) and I just now got back to the apartment for the night! It didn’t keep me from staying up and writing though … true dedication. 🙂

I woke up early this morning to send a few emails and to update my interview with Joanie Dodds (see below), runner-up of ANTM Cycle 6. I also got to relax and catch the Today Show over a cup of coffee. Around 9 am, I went up to Grand Central Station to meet Corrine and three of her friends. It was so great to see a friendly, familiar face and someone who greeted me with open arms and a smile in the terminal. You miss that here … people aren’t really all that nice and welcoming most of the time. After I bought my tickets, all five of us hopped on the train to Connecticut for the afternoon. I’m getting to be kind of a pro at this whole ‘find your way to another state’ thing.

We got to Connecticut around 11 am and stopped at a deli on our way to the beach. I wasn’t super hungry yet, but I did pick up another coffee … you know me. After a quick pit stop in an ADORABLE Greenwich/Riverside, CT neighborhood, we made our way to the beach! I think we underestimated the heat – when we first got there we were bummed that the sun wasn’t all the way out, but by the end, you could barely walk on the sand it was SO hot!

We enjoyed a few hours of laying out, walking by the water and resting. There is truly nothing better than ocean air and the sound of waves down the beach. I grabbed a quick pretzel at the snack hut for lunch (yes, still extremely over-priced), and also ordered a strawberry smoothie hoping it would help me cool down. The smoothie was disappointing to me (more like a slush), so I handed it over to Corrine who was happy to finish it 🙂

We had to leave around 3 to get back in the city in time for Corrine’s friend, Abby, to work tonight! We split up for a while, took showers and then Corrine rode the subway (by herself, I might add) down to my end of town and we hung out in my apartment for a while before we were ready to hit the town. I walked her down by Madison Square Park and the Flatiron Building before we made our way back to the subway to go uptown.

Corrine and I decided to go to Abby’s restaurant (Redemption)for dinner tonight. Although we both ‘weren’t too hungry,’ we devoured a mac n’ cheese and chips/spinach dip appetizer. The food was just too good – especially the spinach with warm pita!

About an hour later, and after a few tries at decorating the bar area, Corrine’s other two friends came with a bunch of their friends for a birthday. It was fun to stand and celebrate and just hang out with Corrine singing, laughing, dancing and sharing text messages. We had fun for a few hours and then I realized that my FULL day tomorrow should prompt a bed time ASAP.

I’m taking Corrine on a ‘meaghan-tour’ of the city tomorrow. Come back to read if she masters it gracefully or complains about all of the walking. Here goes nothing!

—Meg Taylor

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