Learning That I Actually DO Like Omelets … And Walking Close to 8 Miles!

A LONG day, but a GREAT one nonetheless šŸ™‚

I set my alarm to wake up early and get a few things done this morning … but I guess I was a little more tired than I thought I’d be, because I slept through two alarms and didn’t wake up until 9:15 am! (Which probably still sounds insanely early for some, but is pretty late for me).

Good thing I wasn’t picking Corrine up for brunch until later! I left the apartment ready for a day full of walking and exploring the city together. I warned her yesterday that we’d be doing quite a bit of walking – and I was right. After I stopped by her friend’s apartment, we walked past my office near Columbus Circle, and then up a few blocks to eat brunch at a personal favorite – the place I had my FIRST meal when I arrived in the city (PJ Clarke’s on the Upper West Side!). It’s right across from the NYC Met. Opera, and the location and food is pretty much to-die-for.

We both ordered the broccoli and cheddar omelet (which is thoroughly surprising because I don’t like eggs and have NEVER ordered an omelet before) … but it turned out to be one of the best breakfasts I have EVER eaten at a brunch restaurant! And it tasted pretty healthy and green too! I, of course, downed several cups of coffee in the meantime.

From there, we walked over just a few blocks to Central Park and decided to make a loop around the main southern circle. We both needed to walk off the HUGE omelet. Corrine was blown away by the number of people walking, running and bike riding. I could tell she really liked it there. Her eyes were wide and she smiled through the whole thing.

We walked past a few of my favorite spots … including the fountain and the boathouse. We tried to take a picture, and even asked the girl taking it to include the actual boathouse, but she must not have understood us. We did get a decent picture in front of the lake and then the fountain, though. We also stopped to listen to a ‘choir’ and band of sorts underneath the bridge.

From there, we made our way to the western end of the park (and stopped for a few incredible skyline views) and then walked a few blocks through a ‘Bastille Day’ festival and to Bloomingdale’s once we left. We had fun walking a few floors and seeing all of the designer set-ups. I do have to admit … I left the store with my first ‘little brown bag’ today. The Lily Pulitzer wallet/iPhone cases were on sale (only $26!), and my Vera Bradley one was looking pretty sad. I know, I have an addiction šŸ™‚

After Bloomingdale’s, we took the subway down to Chelsea. We walked through Chelsea Market (where we both drooled over the gorgeous pastries and cupcakes) and then over to the Hudson River. After walking on the boardwalk for a while, we cut over and walked back through the West Village and then Greenwich Village. We talked a while about our ‘future lives’ as we were walking by some of the most INCREDIBLE homes in the city. This yellow and green one was practically screaming my name.

From there, we made our way to Washington Square Park where we sat by the fountain for a few minutes and took a picture by the arch. I didn’t let her rest too long though, because we soon left for SoHo and walked all the way to the bottom of that neighborhood as well! We loved stopping in some of the boutiques – we even tried to stop in the Kardashian Store (Dash), but you had to wait in line outside to get in which didn’t seem worth it!

We then walked over a few blocks and found ourselves in Little Italy! Isn’t it awesome that you can pretty much ‘stumble’ into new neighborhoods without even realizing where you’re going!? We were only there for a few minutes before we found ourselves in Chinatown. I swear, we probably hit more neighborhoods today than I ever have in one day!

You may laugh, but we then walked uptown a few blocks and ran right into another neighborhood – Nolita. We walked by this awesome taco place (yes, that’s a bus with chefs inside it), which I may just have to go back to! The food smelled awesome even from out on the sidewalk.

By then, we were both tired and moving pretty slowly … so we found a subway stop and rode back up to my apartment. After cleaning up a little bit, we left for a quick, light dinner at a salad place I’ve been wanting to try. It’s called Chop’t, and you can literally pick from a bunch of different ingredients and then they ‘chop’ them all up and put them into a salad bowl! I had a huge Cali shrimp salad with avocado and balsamic dressing (SO GOOD!). I’ll definitely be going back.

After dinner, I took Corrine back up to the Times Square area to her friend’s apartment. We were both dead tired by this point. I can barely keep my eyes open as I write this and it’s not even 10 pm! I do have to thank Corrine for an incredible day. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve both fallen in love with NYC. I was happy to share some of my favorite places, and I’m sure we’ll both be back conquering the city together shortly.

I think I’ll be heading for bed very, very soon. I have a long day back at FN Mag tomorrow (it feels like I haven’t been there in forever since we had Friday off – which means LOTS to do tomorrow!). Here goes another week!

—Meg Taylor

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